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02-03-12, 01:35 PM
Right, so I've been feeling pretty crappy lately. I have been able to sleep well, or at all, and I'm displaying a lot of the symptoms indicated under SSRI discontinuation and benzodiazepine withdrawal. But overall, in terms of my mental health, I'm OK. I'm just in pain because my muscles are sore, my back is flaring, it's cold, I'm stressed out, etc. So a long story short:

I went to go see a GP (not my psychiatrist) because I needed to see somebody soon, and not in a few weeks. And I was nervous, because I am a young man asking for painkillers, which is taboo, as my 20mg codeine / 500 APAP was not cutting it (I mean I can get 8/300 over the counter in bottles of 100 in Canada). I wanted a few (6 maybe?) hydro/oxycodone tablets (tramadol has some interactions with my current meds). That's what I know works, because it has in the past for these flareups. I've had fentanyl and hydromorphone prescribed in similar situations in the past. This was my first time seeing this particular doctor, so I did feel like I knew a little bit more about my own body/mind than she did.

Couldn't get it, apparently the codeine I was taking was "too much" and was causing my pain (I was taking the upper limit of 4mg of APAP every 24 hours, 160mg of codeine). Seriously? I was honest about everything, I explained that I was having extreme difficult just walking or standing, and the pain was keeping me awake an the painkillers I had were not working, at all. I have a compression fracture in my thoracic spine that tends to flare up sometimes, and this time it just happened to be at the same time as an awful withdrawal. She also had a problem that I made an appointment with her, because I "can't have two doctors." I had a pain specialist in Canada, as well as a psychiatrist, and a family doctor, they were all cool with that. I also didn't want to wait weeks to get some relief so I can get some rest.

So she calls my psychiatrist, talks to him for a bit, and says that I should take an extra clonazepam. I was disappointed looking I guess, so she wrote me a script and handed it to me. It was for 3 tablets of diclofenac, which I wasn't going to fill because I'm not dumb enough to pay a dispensing fee for an OTC medication that costs about 4 Euros for a box of 10. So yeah, it sucks having a back injury as a young male. I felt like the whole time that she thought I was just trying to score some drugs, and spoke to me in a way that suggested it. It's hard being a young man with a back injury and ADHD. I'm an old man at 25! I have a bad memory and a bad back... :(

I hate everything about drug abuse and drug-seekers, etc. because I rely on four medications that are heavily regulated and controlled, and it just causes me to have to endure this attitude insinuating that I'm an abuser or addict. Probably doesn't help that all of my medical records are back in Canada. I should have bought the darn DVD of my full body MRI for 60 bucks, but I was too sedated at the time. "Yes, I have a fractured vertebra, want to see the DVD?" :mad:

I know it isn't really the fault of the doctor, I'm just in a really terrible mood and feel like crap. Sorry, that was a bit of a rant. So much for a long story short...

02-03-12, 01:52 PM
I'm sorry you have been feeling crappy and are struggling to get help for your pain. :(

I'm an old man at 25! I have a bad memory and a bad back...

I can really relate because my husband keeps saying something very similar (apart from the memory bit). He has a back injury as well and is in lots of pain every day. Nothing really seems to help him. It really sucks because he is a very active person but the back ache prevents him from doing everything he wants.

Do you have by any chance the concentration span of a 5 year old?? No offense, just thought that might make you feel younger again.. :D

She also had a problem that I made an appointment with her, because I "can't have two doctors." I had a pain specialist in Canada, as well as a psychiatrist, and a family doctor, they were all cool with that. I also didn't want to wait weeks to get some relief so I can get some rest.

I don't understand that. In the UK, the first point of reference is always your GP. I know, it's not like that in other countries but even then.. Why would you go to your psychiatrist for painkillers or for your back injury????

Keep ranting. I'm sorry I don't have anything really useful to say. I hope you feel better soon.

02-16-12, 03:27 AM
I'm not 25, but I had a rare vaccine related injury that caused my body to attack the nerves in my shoulder. It isn't an "obvious" injury like a broken arm, etc., so I get that kind of attitude, too, sometimes. It's infuriating. Mostly the snotty young hotties behind the pharmacy counter (no offense).

I don't abuse my medicine. While there's no denying the component of euphoria that goes along with taking painkillers (probably at least partially due to relief of the pain, haha), I don't really like that "high" feeling. I've got stuff to do. That's why I quit drinking (and all that other hippie stuff) in the first place.

In America, by law, a person is guilty until proven innocent. Except in circumstances like this. You get some petty tyrant who has no clue what its like to live in pain every day, every hour. Or, in your case, to be 25 years old and have flair-ups that literally cripple you like a 70 year old man.

I've had to suffer (SUFFER) through withdrawal from painkillers because of the person at the pharmacy didn't know how many days were in a 31 day month. Or they counted from the day after the prescription was filled instead of counting from the day it was filled. Or the doctor changed my prescription and the pharmacy forgot to change the "number of days it should take to use the prescription".

My current doctor is distracted, at best. He doesn't explain things very well, even when asked pretty directly. Or he goes off on a tangent and I lose my train of thought. I had a potentially life threatening reaction to a medicine, called during business hours, and never got a return phone call.

I'd really like to see another doctor, but I need to increase my pain medicine, maybe add an anti-depressant, and re-up my ADHD (stimulant) medicine. And I'm afraid I'd get a similar reaction from a new doctor.

I know that whenever I see a new doctor, they always want to do their own tests and diagnosis. Sometimes it seems like they are intentionally contrary about questioning a previous diagnosis. I can't afford a bunch of expensive tests, some of which are called "torture" by those who've gone through them. I don't want to try a bunch of new "experimental" medicines that just happen to be 1) the most expensive ones with no generic and 2) the medicines that the drug reps happen to be pushing that week.

So, for at least a little while longer, I will slog along with my distracted, rushed doctor and my error prone pharmacy run by snotty hotties because I can get what I want and I can almost afford it.

02-16-12, 10:36 AM
It is very weird the way doctors operate. Some doctors will hand out pain pills like candy, others will tell you tylenol tylenol tylenol ( which is not always ideal for your liver)

02-16-12, 01:54 PM
Yeah. "They" talk about how its this massive problem the way docs are handing out pain pills, but I haven't met one like that.

Although I havent had a problem getting the medicine when I ask my doctor, I also take one of the weakest ones on the market. I also make sure to emphasize that I don't like to take pain meds and that I have concerns about functioning on them.

Of course I am also a 40 year old mom, not a young man. Studies show that women get more pain scrips than men and I'm sure that it skews even more with age (older people get more).

Your new doctor should be able to get an emailed copy of your imaging records showing your injuries within a couple of minutes.

It's actually pretty important to get your pain under control. Otherwise, the pain can overstimulate the nerves to the point that the pain continues even after the injury or inflammation is gone. You also run the risk of having the muscles in the area start locking down. Although you can usually get any pain medicine you want when you have to have an ambulance called at 3 am because you can't get off the floor or even crawl and are starting to go into shock because of the intense pain. (True story)

02-25-12, 06:12 AM
Have you tried acupuncture? My physio does it and it really helps. I've been getting it done through a naturopath lately for ongoing muscle and joint pain. It sucks when you can't exercise and enjoy life.

03-05-12, 11:52 AM
Wow it's been a while since anybody posted here.LOL :) At 24 I have ADHD, Aniexty, Motor coordination disorder, Memory impairment, Muscle issues(for about a year now muscle twitching, tremor, muscle stiffness, and soreness) and now thanks to Helicobactor Pylori infection A (Stomach Ulcer) which I have to take Prilosec for all the time now. Most days I have back pain, Abdominal pain, chest pain,heartburn, Muscle aches and pains along with twitching, etc. So yeah I'm feeling kinda of old now

03-05-12, 12:23 PM
I went through something similar when I was 25, the mother of a 2 year
old child. Never had any x-rays, I guess the doctor just thought it was a
compressed disk in my lower back. Very painful. What he told me was to
stop lifting my toddler (try explaining that to a toddler, "Sorry but Mommy
can't pick you up sweetie" ... argh!) and to take tylenol or asprin for the
pain. Not especially helpful, eh?

I can only imagine how much more painful it would be to have a fractured
bone in the spine. Hope you got some help for this. Accupuncture can be
awesome if the right doctor does it - that wasn't available in my area
when I was in so much pain. I was walking all bent over just like an old
woman. Now I'm 35 years older and I walk much better, except for my
bum knee.

Added: because the doctor was so unhelpful when I was young and in pain,
I ended up buying a set of crutches at the thrift store and using those to
take the pressure off my back so I could get around at least a little.