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02-03-12, 05:46 PM
Adults with ADHD should adjust their PC's to help them. This is certainly the case with Microsoft Windows 7.It provides options like making the desktop less distracting, huge print, Offers a built-in Narrator and many different customization's that make using a computer much better. Sticky keys are wonderful as is the ability to redesign the desktop to suit your needs in my case making the entire Win 7 experience one that cater's to my ADHD like making the computer beep as I type . Or for example having brightly lit windows and boarders instead of Windows aero , adjusting the machine to make noise when I open or close programs. Even my screen saver is designed with just photos of things that relate to ADHD.Did I mention Win 7 has speech recognition.

So While my Windows 7 desktop might beep a lot, talk too much, and looks like a childish fisher Price toy.LOL :)It might be needed for people with ADHD to have things that make noise, take notes via dictation, and read for you. The Narration software is really cool because even when you read well(like me and so many others here) ADHD makes that extremely hard even with Medication. My computer is setup in an unusual way but It helps. There is a free program called naturalreader that is much better than windows narrator. My desktop background even features a woman holding a big clock to remind me to keep track of time. Narration software is also great for wall o text posts.LOL:)

02-03-12, 06:51 PM
My Mac is really hyperactive. The way I like it. Everything is quite small, simple and streamlined. The cursor is set as SUPER sensitive. I have 6 "spaces" and I constantly switch between all of them, so with my laptop screen and my external monitor, I essentially have 12 desktops. Every corner of the screen triggers an action like expand all windows, show desktop, open the "lauchpad" application screen, and turn off the displays. Whenever anybody tries to use my computer for the first time, even if they are Mac users, they freak out when the screen starts moving around and shifting windows everywhere because they're moving the mouse too quickly. It's set just for me and works just for me, and it's hyperactive like me.

Macs and Windows, especially Win 7, have great features for organizing your desktop, accessibility options, and keeping track of your stuff. I do not have a large clock though, and I do often lose track of time while I'm on here. I like having a computer read a long pdf to me while I'm surfing the internet, but if I do that, I kind of lose track of it and don't remember anything. I have to print things I need to read out (anything longer than a news article), and highlight things, with 4 different colours and several types of pens. And stick post it notes on the sheets. Takes more time but I actually retain the information. I can't really listen very well for long, and my girlfriend gets irritated at me quite often for that fact.

I'm interested in any other computer or electronic devices that assist with difficulties faced by those with ADHD.

02-03-12, 06:52 PM
I love windows 7. You are right, it is so much more customizable. I also like that the background can shuffle itself.

However, windows has had a narrator built in since xp - it was under accessories - accessibility. not that the voice is the greatest. I used to amuse myself by making the narrator read rap lyrics.

02-03-12, 06:57 PM
I have my desktop icons set to "hide". I always used to freak out when I would turn my PC on and see all these icons staring me in the face. Some from projects I started months ago, but just never got anywhere near completing. I also use the "sticky note" feature a lot. I figured that since i'm always on my PC, i'd never miss the sticky notes and they'd remind me of important things, like appointments and peoples birthdays etc. I also removed those bloody microsoft games. The first one I removed was the solitaire game which was impossible to complete 90% of the time as you would "run out of moves" all the time. I kept Microsoft Paint though, I like a little digitial scribbling (it prevents me from wasting paper) which of course ultimately helps save trees which is apparently "good for the inviroment". I also have my important software programs hard locked onto the taskbar, just so I know exactly where to find them incase I delete any of the shortcuts by mistake.

02-03-12, 07:45 PM
A bright window doesn't really work for me as I get migraines from bright light.

Sounds would just be annoying.

My screensaver is of 2000 screen caps of the cancelled Stargate SG1 game. I ain't changing that for all the gold in the world.

Most times if I feel too distracted by my computer (browser) I will disconnect the internet. What I like about Windows 7 is when I minimize a window the tab is just the icon instead of a tab with the whole world. This makes it easier to not feel the need to click on it when I'm trying to focus on something important.

My washing machine beeps though which I'm grateful for.

02-03-12, 08:08 PM
My washing machine beeps though which I'm grateful for.

I get irritated with all the icons on my desktop so my desktop is completely bare, just the wallpaper which I set to slideshow :) I just upgraded to windows 7 and before I would put text documents on the desktop for things i need to remember because it would irritate me seeing it there and so I would be reminded. Now I use sticky notes :)

The personalisability (it's a word now!) of modern computers is great.

02-03-12, 09:07 PM
Agreed about those Icon's my desktop was bare ever since I was using XP.When I upgraded to Windows 7 last summer it was easier than ever to use. But I still get D**m Blue screens of death.LOL:)

02-03-12, 09:17 PM
Agreed about those Icon's my desktop was bare ever since I was using XP.When I upgraded to Windows 7 last summer it was easier than ever to use. But I still get D**m Blue screens of death.LOL:)

Open up the "command "prompt" and run the "chkdsk" command. It will check your hard drive for bad sectors and attempt to recover them. If it it doesn't find any bad sectors, it may be a problem with your motherboard, or perhaps even your RAM.

Also run some decent anti-virus software to make sure none of your system files have been altered or damaged.