View Full Version : Looking for a Dr that specialises in ADHD in Ipswich or Toowoomba

02-03-12, 10:53 PM

I am new on here and am chasing a Dr in Ipswich or Toowoomba?

My son's Dr suggested i might have ADHD and after months of not doing anything about and doing many self tests and even having a family member answer the questions, it seems like i might have ADHD.

I plan on studying at uni this year and really need some help with how to stay focused.

02-04-12, 09:18 PM
I'm surprised your doctor didn't refer you to someone. There's quite a few larger 'medical centres' in Toowoomba. I forget the name of the place, but there's one near St Vincent's Hospital.

Best of luck with Uni+diag. Exactly the same reason why I'm going to a psychiatrist next week.

10-08-12, 05:43 AM
Hello Sonja,

I myself have ADHD. I am Adult Uni. Student in Toowoomba.

I finally sough the diagnosis after having a financial stuffup in 2009 after retiring back to Uni.

When I went to a GP in the Bulk Billing place he put me on Anti-depressant to which I reacted badly.

I went and saw a Psychiatrist in St. Andrews Hospital , Toowoomba and he was reluctant to give me a diagnosis of ADHD but after a failed trial of Antidepressant , he reluctantly tried to put me on Concerta!!

I had enough .. I saw Dr. Philip Bird in Marrochydore and he also has an Adult ADHD clinic. I was on Dexamphetamine and It worked somewhat... Much better that Ritalin. He could do a Skype Teleconsult and I could get part of a the consultation fee as a rebate.

I was not totally happy with Dexamphetamine ... I went to Perth WA to get the diagnosis from a Dr. John Clarkson ... Awesome doctor.

I had my SPECT scan done ( Read - Healing ADD by Dr. Daniel Amen ) and he had prescribed meds that seem to work. I have a very under stimulated Parital lobe and it has a role to play in attention. It maybe attributed to a Birth Trauma.

The only trouble that I am facing right now is that I don't know anyone around Toowoomba who can take over the care and prescribe me stimulant meds.

With all the dramas surrounding ADHD meds only a QLD Psychiatrist can prescribe me Stimulant meds. !!!

Hope that has been helpful!!!

I would appreciate if you could le me know of a Specialist you saw around Toowoomba and Ipswich area who could liaise with my WA Doctor?