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02-04-12, 03:43 PM
I have a desktop PC eight years old
It is a dell dimension desktop. Originally it came with 512 MB of system memory, 40 GB hard drive, a CD-ROM drive, an Intel Pentium four processor rated at 2.7 GHz.

I purchased it in the summer of 2009 with the original intention of doing minor upgrades so that I could do video editing. I realize at the time when purchase took place I would need to do a lot of work to turn the machine into what I did originally envisioned. My original goal was for machine that contained three GB System memory, DVD burner, separate video card, hard disk drive with a few 100 GB of storage space as well as the most up to date operating system I can gain access to.

It did not occur right away. I had to do as much and reading about computers as I could. By the summer of 2011 somehow I ended up with a machine with 2.5 GB of system memory, DVD burner, Microsoft Windows XP, 320 GB hard disk drive, 512 MB DDR two video card, with its own graphics processing unit.

But for me wasn't enough.
So I took very limited funds that I had and proceeded to add Microsoft Windows seven. This was unlike any other operating system I'd ever used. It came with a mind blowing array of features, it also felt faster than windows XP. I purchased windows seven in june of 2011. I'd truly wish I had not waited so long.

Because if one looks deeper than just the operating system, you see there are so many features for every one. In particular people with disabilities(e.g. People with down syndrome, altism, intellectual disabilities, learning disabilities, quadriplegics,) And you could certainly include people with adhd, many people who use computers have daily difficulties. Older operating systems didn't do a very good job of accommodating these kinds of people. So things like writing novels, screenplays, or other literary work would be difficult if not impossible to complete depending upon the severity of the challenge. I had no idea when I first purchase windows seven that I will be able to write things without using my hands. I'm hopeful computer Technology will continue to move forward in a good way.

For as I'm writing this now I am not even using the keyboard. All it took was a few hours of learning windows speech recognition. Now when I write things on the Internet or wordpad, or notepad. I can feel much more confident about my ability to write things that people can understand. Because when you have adhd and developmental motor skills disorder. You could use a little extra help.

The ability to talk to my computer and having it write the things I wanna say is unbelievable. In addition I made one more upgrade to my aging computer and that was adding another 1 GB of system memory. For a total of 3.3 GB of ram out of a possible 4GB max. Keep in mind this is a nearly nine year old computer but as of right now I see no reason to buy a new one. In fact the experience I've had in the last three years with my old dell dimension desktop, has given me knowledge to upgrade computers fix problems and it has given me something else to the ability to articulate myself with the written word may be as well as I ever had. Because brought up like I did when all you had was your hands you were born with.
Sometimes if not all the time a lot of people would tell me wow all your handwriting is awful.

So for me this is a really awesome because as of February 2012 I learned how to modify on my windows seven based PC to accommodate my disability. Now maybe writing and storytelling won't feel as tedious as it has in years gone by. I think a lot of people with severe developmental disabilities for example; adhd, autism , intellectual disability, learning disabilities. Often we feel overwhelmed frustrated, and we feel as if the playing field isn't leveled in our favor at all. Computer Technology will hopefully give those of us with these impairments another way to move forward.