View Full Version : has anyone tried Latuda for bipolar or ADD?

02-07-12, 11:53 PM
This med is somewhat new, and I am wondering how it affected your depression, mania, or ADD?

02-09-12, 09:53 AM
I was put on it due to hallucinations/delusions. I didn't know it could have any benefits for ADD as when I was taking it I didn't notice any. That's not to say that it might not work for you in that way. As far as bipolar most ant-psychotics help with that so I wouldn't be shocked if it worked for you in that area.

02-18-12, 08:26 AM
I will need to check it out, have adhd, aspergers, and most recently it appears I developed Bipolar 1 induced psychotic manic depression and this one is bad, it appears similar to schizophrenia except Im aware im sick. Ithas oscillated but chronically worsened esp from age 23 to now, almost 28. Recently have developed visual hallucinations. On a myriad of meds that do seem to cancel eachother out somewhat but work together at the same time its just not very effective this way so.... diagnostics and med adjustments still in the works.

The antipsychotic risperdal has proven to really destroy Ritalin Efficacy yet I cant go without either as I become worse off. Definitely fixin' to switch out of risperdal for something less... turn you into stone-y.

01-28-13, 06:40 PM
It was the only antipsychotic that I could have a normal life on. I could read, study, work, have my own hobbies, etc. It made me calmer too.

01-29-13, 07:53 AM
I tried Latuda before, and quite a few other anti psychotics. None of them worked for me. Latuda made me very nauseated and I always felt like throwing up.

02-18-13, 05:45 PM
I know this is an old thread, well a month, but be careful with Latuda. It can cause your body to have an inability to regulate its temperature. I was burning up on it, sweating, had fans running and the A/C. I didn't last more than a week or so. Went to my GP who said I wasn't sick and so it was discontinued by my psychiatrist. But it's supposed to have less weight gain than the other AP's.