View Full Version : Teva brand 10 mg tablet possible inactive ingredient change

02-08-12, 04:45 PM
So far, this has been a great med, no anxiety, none of that working one day and not the next... only one generic vs. numerous brands of Ritalin all of which are okay except for Methylin, which was hell.

So recently, I was so hell bent on figuring out a solution to get these 10 mg tabs back (I am sensitive and there are no dyes in the 10 mg generic tabs ad I hated the brand name too) and all of my local pharmacies had everything but Methylin on back order, can't imagine why that had no shortage issues (sarcasm).

Well, my insurance company has a program for students, people under the poverty line, being stable on a certain med for years and old people on medicare and they give you 90 days worth at a time. And orders for these are filled as 1 in the afternoon in the rare occurrence that the brand ones aren't there for the brand snobs. Teva actually did something right with this one IMHO, I have taken their Klonopin, Adderall, Dexedrine (Barr is a sister company etc) and they were the worst.

Well, they worked great in every other way they did before except the loss of appetite is lasting longer this time... the only other thing on my insurance plan is 5 mg methamphetamine tablets and I don't care if I have been on ADHD meds for years, I know there would be people parking around my house to watch for diversion like they do with all of the people who get high amounts of Xanax and Oxycontin. I am going to college to be a substance abuse counselor so I know that it is one of the CII meds that get questioned on all ends just because of the name of it. So I will not be changing at all but does someone have and old prescription insert from last year with the inactive ingredient list because this is odd... I was 45 days into my annual P90x program and I am so weak now I can't do 5 pushups now...

I drink vegan hemp protein shakes 6 times per day with various fruits and veggies and take vitamins and I only ask because I can research the metabolism differences to see if any change (if applicable) would cause me to have no appetite...