View Full Version : CrossFit for ADHD

02-08-12, 11:55 PM
Anybody here try CrossFit?

I find that because of the constantly different workouts, the intensity of it and camaraderie that it is very good for and ADHD people.

I found that two years ago prior to diagnosis I was eating very good getting enough rest and working out with CF 3-5 days a week. I look back at that time and see that I was pretty close to being symptom free for the most part....

I am now diagnosed and on medication just starting to get back into a regular workout routine and I can already feel and see the benefits of CrossFit in my mental health and physical health.

One nice thing about CF is that there is alot of individual attention and every workout is modifiable for ANY fitness level.

Not trying to be a salesman here but we ADHers are all well aware that exercise is an important part of our treatment plan. I feel that CF and the way that it is setup is great for people with ADHD. It's fast, they workouts are planned for you, lots of support from coaches and fellow CFers.

Ya so if you have been having problems with sticking to a workout routine or starting one I suggest CrossFit. It's becoming really mainstream now so there are gyms everywhere.

Let me know what you people think or any other suggestions that you may have. Love to hear them!