View Full Version : Anyone else switch to Desoxyn due to shortages...

02-09-12, 02:31 AM
...of Adderall or Dexedrine? I'm now grateful to the shortages because they enabled me to try this medication, which I find to work superbly well. I'm still struggling with the cost, so I also take Adderall or Dexedrine. However, I would rely solely on Desoxyn for my ADHD needs were it not quite so expensive.

Anyone else? Is Desoxyn being prescribed more frequently?

La Sleepy
02-24-12, 04:43 PM
I can't even imagine asking a doctor for Desoxyn. It's not the doctor so much as the rest of the system....the pharmacies and the insurance companies and the clinics that oversee the doctors. I've noticed that just plain dexedrine is treated like it was plutonium now as compared to 20 years ago when I could just fill the prescription as if it were anything else.

Honestly, if I hadn't read about Desoxyn in your posts I wouldn't have known it existed. Really interesting, because I've known some people with severe undiagnosed ADHD who were self-medicating with street meth, so it all makes sense.

02-29-12, 06:17 PM
I just got an RX for Desoxyn yesterday and dropped it off at CVS. They had to order it (not surprising), so I should have it tomorrow. The pharmacist thought it was dextroamphetamine at first (my usual choice), and then realized it was methamphetamine. He was confused at first b/c he didn't know such a drug existed (Desoxyn) and said he hadn't seen it in the 20 years he has worked at this pharmacy. But he was happy to order it and all seems well.

In a way, I switched or am switching for a trial run (10mg BID) of Desoxyn due to Dexedrine (and Adderall) shortages around here. I had to partial fill my Dex this month. But OTOH, I have been tempted to go back to Adderall for some time, again with the shortages prompting curiosity (and me hoping for better luck finding/filling Adderall vs. Dex). The sides I remember just made it low priority. But then I got to reading and remembering Desoxyn, finding this forum along the way, and decided to ask for it. My doc even researched it over the weekend before I saw him, and I did as well, and somewhat to my surprise, he RX'ed it to me yesterday without any hesitation. Like most docs, I suspect, he has never used (prescribed) it before.

So I am eager to see how it works for me. My insurance covers it with a steep co-pay (a 3 tier plan; highest tier; no complaints here!), but my job security is evaporating, so in 2-3 months, even if it is working, I may have to go back to Dexedrine b/c the price is ridiculous w/o insurance (if have insurance, and if insurance will even cover it).

I will post my impressions at some point when I start the med in a day or two as I can compare/contrast it with 11 years of the following (not all at the same time):
-Strattera (umm, maybe I will skip this one)
-Adderall (brand, multiple generics)
-Adderall XR
-Ritalin + Wellbutrin
-Concerta + Ritalin

I also encourage people with ADHD who are truly interested in trying this drug to not hesitate to ask their doctors for it if you have any sort of defensible rationale. Coming in with research always helps but isn't a guarantee. Also, I don't think this is going to be a first line med anytime soon, so if you've been on Adderall for 3 days and were just diagnosed 4 days ago, you may want to hold off on asking for it unless the shortage is the reason why.

IDK why I didn't ask to try it years ago...That is what my psychiatrist asked me yesterday. I've been steady on Dex for maybe 7 years running. I just figured it was outside the realm of possibility I guess (to get a script for it).