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02-09-12, 03:27 AM
Growing up
I'm a 26yr old male. From a young age until up about sophomore year in high school, I was on all types of medications mainly for ADHD (ritalin, luvox, carbatrol, zyprexa, to name a few), and looking back I was probably ODD (oppositional defiant) as well and definitely impulsive. At around 16 years old I took myself off of everything without telling anyone. Things got worse before they got better, but since then I haven't taken meds except for occasional Adderal use when needed throughout College.

Adderal and OCD
Over the past few years I've began developing OCD. My theory is that it's to compensate for my ADD, which it does nicely. Over the past year I've been taking Adderall on occasion (anywhere from 0-3x per week). It fuels my OCD, and I seem to focus on passions (producing music, philosophy, etc) rather than obligations (work and grad school). It also made me mean to my girlfriend who I live with. An herbal supplement made me nice, but I don't like taking it.

I decided to go on Wellbutrin. I talked to my physician and will be on 150mg for 1 month. Then 300mg for the following months. I'm not depressed and don't have a history of depression. However, I'm curious how I'll take the antidepressant effect (around week 4-6?). And for the record I'd never touch an SSRI.

Family History
My Dad is ADD and takes Adderal and my Mom is a bipolar/manic depressive addict on all types of crap. My brother also has some ADD and addictive personality. I do have an addictive personality, but I've always done a great job moderating. I also get yearly blood work.

Other Key Points...

I've been using Adderall on a need to basis for over a year now.
The euphoria tends to be overpowering and put me in a state of hyperfocus.
During this time I focus mainly on organizing and things I'm passionate about (music), but not working.
It also makes me up and down, which has caused a lot of stress with the gf.
I've had to take a certain herbal supplement just to be nice to her.
I went to my doc and talked him into prescribing me both Adderall and Wellbutrin, with the agreement that I taper down (potnetially off) Adderall.
He's starting me out at 150mg of XL every day, and will kick it up to 300mg in 1 month


Week 1: 150mg Wellbutrin / Occasional Adderal Use

Mood - My mood has been improving every day. Despite lack of sleep I have good sustained focus throughout the day. One morning I woke up at 4:30am after sleeping 4 hours. I couldn't fall back asleep and ended up having a very productive, physically active 21 hour day, not falling asleep until 1:30 that night. The only other stims I had was 1 small cup of coffee at 9am. I've also found myself more social lately.

Synergy - When taken with Adderal, it's just like the board predicted: it limits how "high" you can get on the Adderal, but seems to prolong it's effect. I actually prefer this since I tend to be unproductive with too much adderal.

Anxiety - Only lasted the first few days. I can definitely tell I'm on a mild stimulant, but I'm not getting that anxious feeling anymore late in the week. (I have no preexisting issues with anxiety)

Appetite - Appetite is low, and as a bodybuilder/model I need to be getting in a certain amount. I find it's easy to force and I'd rather be not hungry enough than too hungry.

Sleep - Probably my biggest complaint and potential deal breaker is the insomnia. I lay away for a few hours to fall asleep, and then wake up in the morning sometimes after only 3-5 hours of sleep and can't get back to bed.
*The dreams are also very vivid, feel very real and are easy to remember

I'll check in weekly. Thank you to anyone who offers their advice and support or wants to share their story as well