View Full Version : Anyone from Australia tried Wellbutrin?

02-09-12, 10:47 PM
I'd really like to try this. I've had poor reactions to the methylphenidate and amphetamines, and strattera is only mildly effective. I asked my psychiatrist about Zyban/Wellbutrin and he jsut said "no, they're for quitting smoking". He's not a very good shrink, doesn't seem interested in his patients, tries to get the visit over with fairly quickly, etc. I'm wondering if Australian psychiatrists don't prescribe Wellbutrin for this off-label use, or if this guy is just particularly dismissive himself?

02-10-12, 04:20 AM
My shrink prescribed zyban to me yesterday! I've tried Ritalin first but it gave me terrible anxiety. Next were dex which initially were good but I am not finding them effective and have to keep increasing the dose. Anyway, I'm going to be staying on the dex while I try the zyban because I have some depression at the moment. Im quite productive at home but not at work and he reckons this will help. He told me he prescribes it to a few of his ADHD patients. I have not filled the prescription yet as I've been reading up about on here...I'm not sure I can deal with the side effects. I'm in Sydney btw. Doesnt sound like we have the same shrink :) is he a specialist in adult ADHD? This may explain his attitude. I would find someone else if I was you.