View Full Version : Where to find Desoxyn in Southern California?

02-10-12, 08:09 PM
I called the places advised in this thread with no luck:

I realize I can probably have my pharmacy order it but I would rather not wait to see if this med works. I've been in treatment a long time and have high hopes for desoxyn. I'm near Glendale, CA. Any help is greatly appreciated.

02-23-12, 12:38 AM
Went to Dana Drugs in Burbank, CA. They ordered it, with a little hastle/confusion. The staff member there offered to order it for me and have it the next day while knowing my insurance wasn't covering it until a coverage reciew was done. I thought this was great-once my insurance approved it my medication could be picked up right away. Finally the coverage review was done a few days later but they still hadn't ordered it! Next day the generic came in despite my specifying name brand. Finally, after another day I got my name brand desoxyn. 90 x 5mg for $60 with my insurance.

The good new is Dana certainly CAN order it. Walgreens and CVS told me they wouldn't know until a couple days after placing the order whether they could even receive it. If this drug could potentially change your life in a day this is very frustrating.

09-07-13, 03:17 PM
The only pharmacy in LA that stocks Desoxyn regularly that I know of is the 24-hour CVS near Cedars-Sinai and across the street from the Grove shopping center. Hope that helps!