View Full Version : Habitual Violator

10-17-04, 09:34 PM
Her life was a party.
She was born to drink.
Wild times ahead, see
you later shrink!

Help is for losers.
My problems are all
under control....
About that time, here
comes the sheriffs patrol.

Miss, how much have you
had to drink tonight? All
she could do was stare.
Um.. Nothing at all sir,
why should you care?

I'll need to see your license.
You should get out of your
car. I'm placing you under
arrest for drinking to much
at the bar.

But officer you can't do this.
I was just having fun.
A DUI, are you kidding, it
will be my third one.

While in jail the Judge says
to her,"I plan to take your
license and make you pay
a fine. Strike three, you're
out! This time you've crossed
the line.

I can't believe you people.
All of you are so lame.
Taking my license away.
You are the ones to blame!

Great attitude.
One final thing before you go.
The county sold your car,
now you don't drive no mo'!