View Full Version : ADHD coaching and being your own therapist.

Kunga Dorji
02-12-12, 07:39 PM
On the issue of professional coaching- as far as I can see there is very little available in Australia that is ADHD specific and of high quality. I have had to become my own therapist.

I am now reading a short and lucid book titled "Becoming Your Own Therapist" by a Tibetan teacher Lama Yeshe.

Yeshe in my books is one of of the great Spiritual Teachers of the 20th century. It was reading some of his material that first drew me to my spiritual path. His writings are lucid and straight from the heart. He has a heavy accent so his talks require close attention to benefit fully from them. They are worth looking up though- he is on You Tube.He was clearly a lovely man.

We all need to become our own therapist.

The doctors and so forth that we hire for advice are just professional help.

Often we will encounter official medical advice that is quite simply wrong and dangerous.

We are responsible for choosing our advisers and deciding which parts of their advice we will accept.

Doctors as a rule are too arrogant and they expect us to simply do as we are told.

My attitude nowadays is that if I encounter that attitude in a doctor I
immediately terminate my relationship with him. The next time it happens I will drag my heels with paying the bill and report him to the Health Services Commissioner. (It will rarely be a female doctor that behaves like this).

I find my role in any ADHD support group difficult as I am a practitioner and must be mindful of professional boundaries and mindful of not dominating the group with my ceaseless flow of ideas.
( Quite frankly I think most of the recent ones are "keepers", but that is
another story.