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10-18-04, 03:42 AM
Hi my name is Jock,

I'm 37 years of age and I have lived with touretts all of my life, i cant remember when it started, i not only have motor, i have vocal and ADHD & OCD - just to top it off - ha ha great hey!

I have lived one hectic lifestyle, schooling was murder, but somehow i pulled through, i have been so hyped all my life no one could possibly understand, and yes tryed all the medications, they all ended up in the bin. One i remember very well was a 3 week lasting needle, from doctor Mum and Dad thought i was spastic after it backfired i ran and ran every night to try and burn my energy off! Medications wern't the way for me so im cruzing down a path of ts and twitching in the big bad image world we live in today. So i got harder and harder i wondered to myself these people that have nervous breakdowns what a load of *****'s i think nervous breakdown is for people who have had an easy life and get shocked because tourettes syndrome - your whole life is total nerves and anyone with ts would know what im talking about! Lets forget about all the petty stuff and get to what im saying.

My 37 years of hell has led me to not chemical imbalances and all the rest of the bull**** they are trying to say but it all rest in the stomach no one ever followed me up with this because the dont beleive and they dont KNOW! Well good new! I've found a doctor in Brisbane Australia whos going all the way with tests for me I see him Thursday next week i beleive he is going to deaden my stomach and fingers crossed everythings good. Think about it! you ts sufferers i bet you have reflux and/or other intestinal upsets. doesnt that sound familiar? I let you know how it goes so stay tuned bye for now Jock.

My heart goes out to you all luv yas Jock

10-18-04, 10:56 AM
Deaden your stomach from the outside? I'm not understanding how this will help tourettes.

10-21-04, 02:05 PM
HI, i am jocks sister deb.
My daughter also has TS my father has TS and OCD.
My brother has lived all of his life not realy knowing that ADDandTS is what he has,it is only in the last year that he and i have talked about it, mainly because my 19 year old daughter started getting server stomach pains, we have made a lot of trips to the hospital in the middle of the night ,only to be given an injection to relieve the pain, then she would vomit and the pain would ease a little.
We have had scans and xrays done on her stomach,nothing has showed up, now we are waiting for an apointment to look down in her stomach.
then when i was telling my mum, she said jock has the same thing,the doctors told him he had reflux.
When i looked it up on the net, stomach pain and TS are very common.
The reason why we are telling this story is because,
My brother told me that he has not had one day where he has not had tics,then one day when he was fixing the motor in his truck, he had his full weight on his stomach and chest area,he said he didn't have any tics for the first time in his life wile he had pressure there.
If any one has experienced this please let us know. By for now deb.

10-23-04, 04:41 AM
hi charlie,
This is jocks sister, have you read my letter in jocks post post.

10-23-04, 11:34 AM
Ts And Stomach Pain
I've read your letter in this post.
It still doesn't make sense to me how it would affect tics.
I'm all for hearing about anything that works especially if it doesn't require meds.

If it's as easy as pressure to chest and stomach why not try tight bindings as in back braces or corset type underclothing? Just wondering.

10-27-04, 02:11 AM
Hi deb its jane here,

Luv your letter to charlie.

Try writing that very same letter in a tread so other people can read it but do it in the touretts forum...

talk to ya later