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10-18-04, 07:41 PM
Hello All!
It's been awhile but I'm back and recently diagnosed with Bipolar II in addition to ADD, I was shocked with the diagnosis as I had no idea that I fit the profile for this disorder and what's more is I really have no idea what it is and consists of. If anone has any info./input on this D/O please let me know.

10-18-04, 09:37 PM
Please correct me if I'm mistaken, were you dx'd without being sent home with any literature or info? Are you not seeking treatment? I can understand being overwhelmed by this dx but please tell me you are getting some form (counseling at the very least) of help!

Following are some words of wisdom I've found and saved from various web sites:
Bipolar Disorder is characterized by the occurrence of one or more Major Depressive Episodes accompanied by at least one Manic Episode. So even if you're depressed 99 percent of the time, going through just one manic episode qualifies you for a diagnosis of bipolar ...
Bipolar disorder is an illness that affects thoughts, feelings, perceptions and behavior ... even how a person feels physically ...
Most often, a person with manic-depression experiences moods that shift from high to low and back again in varying degrees of severity. The two poles of bipolar disorder are mania and depression. This is the least complicated form of the illness...

Depression might be identified by:

Refusing to get out of bed for days on end
Sleeping much more than usual
Being tired all the time but unable to sleep
Having bouts of uncontrollable crying
Becoming entirely uninterested in things you once enjoyed
Paying no attention to daily responsibilities
Feeling hopeless, helpless or worthless for a sustained period of time
Becoming unable to make simple decisions
Wanting to die ...

Bipolar Disorder II involves symptoms of hypomania instead of full-blown mania...

Hypomania - a less extreme form of manic episode - could include:

Having utter confidence in yourself
Being able to focus well on projects
Feeling extra creative or innovative
Being able to brush off problems that would paralyze you during depression
Feeling "on top of the world" but without going over the top.
Hypomania does not include hallucinations or delusions, but a hypomanic person still might exhibit some reckless or inappropriate behavior. A person who has moods of depression and hypomania is said to have Bipolar II...
Some people with untreated bipolar disorder have repeated depressions and only an occasional episode of hypomania (bipolar II). In the other extreme, mania may be the main problem and depression may occur only infrequently. In fact, symptoms of mania and depression may be mixed together in a single "mixed" bipolar state...

Bipolar disorder has significant consequences in an individual's life. Impaired thinking and judgment can lead to poor decision making and impulsiveness. This can have disastrous effects on one's physical and sexual health, and financial and social wellbeing...

cause of bipolar disorder (manic depression) has yet to be determined, there is a great evidence indicating chemical imbalances in the brain. As for what causes this imbalance, there are a number of viable theories, which center on a combination of heredity and environmental triggers

Some studies ... low or high levels of a specific neurotransmitter such as serotonin, norepinephrine or dopamine is the cause. Others indicate that an imbalance of these substances is the problem -

the bottom line, according to today's thinking, is that if you are manic depressive, you were born with the possibility of developing this disorder, and something in your life set it off. But scientists could refine that theory tomorrow

Good luck to both of us

10-19-04, 12:05 AM
Hey there I have bi polar II as well as adhd. I have gone off and on meds having the same issue arrise with sleeping patterns, Binge eating, doing everything in extreme making myself sick! I have bad thoughts usually at night and couldnt sleep until i got on bi polar meds. I cant concentrate very well and generally dont want to get out of bed. I have never been able to hold a job and have patterns where I do very well and then crash for days and even weeks in bed. I have put on so much weight I dont wanna do anyting anymore and im only 27. Im going back to the doc cause once again I got off my bi polar stuff and thought I could handle it and cannot. what kind of symptoms do u guys have? Its very frustrating to go through this and no one understands and thinks your just lazy. hope to hear from ya soon!

10-19-04, 08:54 AM
Thanks Charlie!.............I was diagnosed last Psychiatrist and put on a med called Trileptal in addition to this,I will be starting Wellbutrin this Thur.Once my session with the Dr.was over he gave me a pamplet that had different websites to go to for info.but really were not that informative of what I need to know.I was told to schedule an Appt.with a Therapist/Counselor and to return for a re-check in 2 wks.Wade,I can certainly relate to all your symptoms.....I too have battled with the same issues as you.I am 33 and a Mother of three and I literally have to force my self to get up on a daily basis.Did you find that the meds worked for you?,what are you taking?.I think the first day on meds gave me a bit of relief from symtoms but now back to where I was,wondering If adding the Wellbutrin will make a big difference???????.

10-19-04, 09:33 AM
I'm so glad your going to get counseling.
I found a couple of sites regarding your meds (notice the links aren't going thru)
go to crazymeds .org and pyscheducation .org input "Trileptal" and search.
I haven't had any meds for the ADD myself yet.

I feel if you aren't seeing a huge improvement in your ability to be motivated after even a week please call your Dr! I'm sure he'll suggest you up your dosage. Drs are busy and probably feel no news is good news ie: if you're not calling= your doing fine--please call and leave him a message- read him this quote "I think the first day on meds gave me a bit of relief from symtoms but now back to where I was".

I'll continue to worry about you because I can so relate to your post. Having three children dependent on your ability to function is a huge responsibility.
You CAN do it, NO one is a better mom for your children than you!

Pat yourself on the back for doing as well as you have without the help of Drs & counseling. But don't settle for just drudging through your days.
Meds will help, you just need to find the right med @ the right-for-you dosage.
Then follow-thru with the counseling.

I really have to do this 'self-talk' more for myself also; I only forced myself to go thru two counseling sessions and will make an effort to continue after semi-preaching here to you. :o
I'm almost 20 years your senior and can only imagine how much better of a mom I could have been IF I would have just asked for help!
(coulda shoulda, oh well today is another day, another chance). My plan is to take meds until I get on-track with counseling then wean myself off them.

Please keep us posted!!!

<HTTP: trileptal.html>

10-19-04, 10:04 AM
Thank you so much Charlie!!!!!, I will definately check out those websites........and you are so right about the challenges of being a Mother and having the family depend on my abilities!.I think that's the biggest thorn in my side right now is that I know my kids look at me and know that there is something wrong and yet I can't explain myself.I want so badly to be the Mother they deserve,as I know I am their foundation for a successful future.Did I mention that I also have a 16 yo.son who is ADHD and quite possibly Bipolar as well?.I knew I had to get myself the proper help,before I can help him and this is just all so very overwhelming!!!.My family and I live in a small town where everyone knows everyone and I know that I am thought of to be an uncaring Mother because of the ongoing problems with my son.I wish I could make people understand that I want more than anything in the world to provide my family with a more productive,healthy life but unfortunately people aren't very forgiving here.I apologize for venting but as you may know it's not often that I find someone who can actually say that they understand what I am feeling etc..........

10-19-04, 02:39 PM
thank you for bringing this up. when i was dxed ADD w/bipolar II (&ocd)
dr gave me the choice of what to treat first. i was under the impression that
bipolar II was not very serious so i said lets treat ADD first & maybe other symptoms will fall into line--i dont think i knew what i was asking.
had no idea what hypomania was
had not had this condition explained to me,
& after looking over the information you gave, Charlie, im glad i go to dr this week. making a list & gonna have a loooooong talk w/him.
ayeah,some things are beginning to make sense i.e. appitite or not,
not sleeping & unable to get outta bed...
thank you again for bringing this up.

05-23-05, 01:17 PM

05-23-05, 01:21 PM
Well Im on trileptal and seroquel when i need it. I dont feel that anything works anymore! I still want to just lay in bed and put on a significant amount of weight from the seroquel so im slowly gettin off that and i cant sleep since the seroquel knocked me out! I have been on a lot of meds and dont seem to get better. I know the sun helps and living in seattle doesnt help with the dark days and rain..

05-23-05, 01:48 PM
Seroquel Made Me Want To Sleep Nonstop
It Literally Stopped My Life In Its Tracks
I Had To Quit Taking It! My Husband Is A Marine, And We Get All Of Our Care From The Navy!
I Wish I Could See A Real Doctor! They Say I Am Adhd, And Bipolar
Which I Agree With
Now We Are Trying To Figure Out The Right Meds For It
Right Now I Am On Neurontin, And Was On Adderall
That Just Sent Me Off The Deepend Though
I Need Any Advice Or Info Anyone Has On This Double Disease!!!!!!
My Doc Though Maybe The Trileptal May Help!!
I Just Dont Know
The Wellbutrin Was Tried Months Ago, But Gave Me Migraines
I May Have To Try It Again Though. We Tried It For Depression, Not Adhd!!
Anyone Know Any Good Combos For These 2 Diseases?
I Also Was Told I Was Not Supposed To Be On A Stimulant Being Adhd
Who Knows Anymore
Im Just Like, Take Me Out Behind The Barn And Shoot Me....
Thanks For Any Info~

05-23-05, 02:54 PM
Well im currently on 900 mgs of trileptal and the seroquel made me sleep for weeks on end as well. I put on 50 pounds from it all i wanted to do was eat! I tried adhd drugs and they made me crazy~ So i would advise the trileptal and if your gonna do adhd drugs do not take adderol that was like speed and it made nuts! Everyone i know who has tried adderol says they go nuts so the best drug i have found is concerta. a very low dose. Im also taking effexor 150 mgs for my depression. It sucks to have all this and my friends dont understand that its hard for me to work 40 hours a week and not want to sleep all the time but thats the nature of the disease so keep in touch let me know how your doing! :)

05-23-05, 03:01 PM
have you tried wellbutrin instead of concerta?
i dont know much about that drug!

05-23-05, 03:28 PM
I did but it didnt work for me. Everyone is different. My friend is doing well on it and prozac mix. After a while your body gets immune to it in my opinion .I always have to up my doses after 6 months or so. This sucks!

05-23-05, 03:34 PM
adderall has sent me over the edge. i know i am both adhd and bipolar
and my primary care doc says i should not be on a stimulant
which leaves what???
wellbutrin it looks like
ever done that mix?
i am coming off the adderall today
oddd effect of that-NARCOLEPSY!!!
i tell ya what, if its not the illness it self, its the meds!!!
i can not tell you how we got home from outback last night
for all i know he teleported us
i was OUT by 6pm last night~~~~
i am so sick of this!!
is there anywhere on the net to find a good testing to see if you are actually adhd?
my doc didnt even do testing
just plopped me on adderall!!

05-23-05, 03:41 PM
There is testing but its like 5000 dollars. I cant afford it and nobody I know can. Take yourself off adderol it is horrible and will make you crazy. My friend is on prozac and welbutrin and did fine for a while but now is back in the same boat. He has done the best on it though he has been on them a year and a half but he is back at the doctor. SO who knows that to do anymore.

05-29-05, 05:59 PM
hey, for what its worth, some antidepressants may make BP cycle unless yr doc carefully moniters you & gives a mood stabilizer
seroquel (which to me is a godsend) will make you sleepy until you get up to the higher 25 mg all i wanted to do was eat & sleep for 15 hours/night
on 100 mg my anxiety is nicely hemmed in, thank you very much--assisted by 25 mg of same 2 or 3 times/day.
20 mg prozac is helped nicely with 1200 mg of trileptal, and 50 mg of trazodone helps me get about 5 or 6 hours uninterupted sleep @ night.
p-doc isnt scripting ADD meds yet, cos he says that they may lead to cycling again, so it goes.

unfortunately neither wellbutrin nor strattera did anything for me, but your milage may vary.
good luck.

05-30-05, 11:20 PM
I take 200 Topomax once a day to keep my moods in check. I've been doing that for 1.5 years. I'm just now taking Adderall.. I've taken it before in spurts.. but now I'm going to try in for a few weeks on a daily basis.. 10 mg. XR. It is working so far if I eat w/ it and stay of the coffee.. w/ the coffee I feel like I'm on speed.

My type is BP II .. more of mixed states or hypo-manic

01-09-06, 06:24 PM
I tried Wellbutrin a long time ago when I first got hospitalized after moving south from living in Wisconsin...I did not particularly feel either pro or con... I regret having read a couple of your posts for the doc put me on seroquel now since I developed a bad reaction to Lamictal...I ended up going to the looney bin for three days...I tell ya... I am grateful I ain't as bad as some of my friends in there. I was diagnosed first with add and depression, now I have graduated from BP1 to BP2...Higher dosage of Zoloft...We'll see what happens next...I hear th eroad to find the right meds is rocky, but the rewards are worth the bs going thru the changes...I am running out of spakle (goop) for my walls...:p :(

01-09-06, 10:02 PM
Thank you Meadd for replying, I have thrown in the towel per say w/ all the meds, I was literally going nuts!!!,though I struggle daily to stay up to par w/ life's games, the meds were just making things so much worse for me!. I just don't understand why nothing seems to work for me, i changed jobs approx 3 mos. ago and just now have health Ins. again so while uninsured couldn't afford the meds. or to see the Doc. so yeah I've been cycling for a while now......some good days, some bad days ( actually alot) but things do seem somewhat better. I don't see how people can actually work while taking meds either, of course It doesn't help that my job requires 10-12 hr. work days, w/ an hour commute time x 2 a day, and then it's home to kids, and husband, dog , housewrk etc.... everyday.I must ask how you do it?????, and do you have a good Dr.? I have only seen one in Austin and just not sure if he's really on target w/ my diagnosis, not that I am in denial or anything but I just find it odd that after all the meds and after being in his care for almost 2 yrs, still no improvement!. I appreciate all your input as It's hard for really anyone to relate to what I go thru everyday!!!!
Thanks Again, Ashley ~ :confused: undefined

01-09-06, 11:29 PM

Sorry to hear you've had nothing but bad experiences with meds so far.
Now that you have insurance again you may want to check out the above web site for loads of good info regarding BP and medications. Now get thee to a doctor, ok!

Sorry to read Lamictal drove you to the bin I read that SSRi's aren't always the best bet for BP'ers. Please keep your doc informed

Best of luck to all of us!!

02-05-06, 04:30 PM
I was on Lamictal for about a year. I had a terrible time remembering to take it. I felt it made my brain foggy. I had to grope for words that I knew and sometimes I just gave up trying to find the word I wanted or if I was writing, I used a thesaurus. No bad reactions besides that and dizziness when I messed up my dosage. Much better than lying in bed wanting to die, I have to say.

I went off the lamictal after a particularly nasty bout of insomnia. I seemed to sleep more easily when I forgot to take it. I also couldn't continue to see the prescribing doctor because he charged so much for office visits. It's been a few months and my depression seems not to be any worse and I haven't experienced any hypomania. I'm hoping that my having removed some of the triggering factors in my life has reduced the problem.

I still have the ADD to contend with. The doc who diagnosed the bipolar diagnosed the ADD. He did not want to put me on any stimulant meds because I am underweight. I tried Straterra and it killed my appetite. I wasn't hungry and when I tried to eat anyway it was hard to choke it down. I felt weak and shaky. The doctor agreed that I shouldn't take it anymore.

Right now, the fact that the most minimal requirements of adulthood are an incredible challenge for me is the most depressing thing in my life. Paying the bills, keeping up with the housework, getting the kids to school on time are all I can hope to handle and often I fail miserably with those things. I get so frustrated with myself and discouraged by it all. I force myself not to dwell on my failings or I would freefall and land in my bed wishing I would somehow die.

02-12-06, 02:02 PM
I was just diagnosed with bipolar and I'm having alot of the same symptoms. I cant concentrate on anything, cant keep a job, gained weight, Feel like crap most of my days and I want to stay in bed most of the time but i cant cause i have 2 kids. If you ever want to talk

vir novum
05-08-06, 10:44 PM
If you're near a research hospital, you might be able to get in on a study, and they'll properly diagnose you for free sometimes. That's what I did, and it's nice because they'll probably do more tests than is really necessary, plus pay you for your time. You would have to spend more time there than you would otherwise, but I got paid $15 an hour so I'm not complaining.

05-12-06, 11:43 AM
sounds good you get tested an paid for it as well vir carnt be bad dorm

05-24-06, 02:04 PM
one lithium in the morning with 54 mg concerta and I am fine. i need another pop of lithium in the afternoon to keep me level.

it saved my life, my marraige.. but too late to save my job. i lost that. (I did get a new and better job though)

07-16-06, 03:26 PM
Watch a few episodes of Mystery Diagnosis on Discovery Health. It will make you very proactive in managing your medical care.

Start a binder of your research and medical records. I have Fibro, ADD, and have had several Major Depressive episodes. A doc is looking a a BPII diagnosis. My gut says this is not it! If I felt I did have it, I would accept the diagnosis, but BPII is a newer condition and I have personal doubts-kind of like the early days of ADD. The symptoms overlap my other health conditions too much. My mood changes are reactions to situations and stresses, not the cyclical variations in BPII.

I have been on too many meds. After printing out articles on Fibro, ADD, Serotonin Syndrome, and BipolarII, I think this diagnosis is premature. There are so many similarities. I believe I have had mild to moderate Serotonin Syndrome instead. I have a referral to a new doc because I moved and she will be doing a comprehensive overview of my healthcare etc.

It is too easy to see several doctors who see only one part of your health. My mental health was deteriorating, but by discontinuing one med-Zoloft-I am doing much better. I am very sensitive to many medications and have non-standard side-effects.

This is a great website about conditions and medications. It contains the most thorough and readable info I have found about medications.

Take charge of your medical care-you are a person and a consumer, not a condition or disease. Be assertive, you live with yourself everyday, not the doctor.

I love the field of medicine. If it were not for the meds I need to take, I would not have the quality of life I now have. There a good, great, mediocre, and terrible docs out there. Find the good and the great.