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02-16-12, 02:04 PM
Our 10-year old daughter has been diagnosed with ADHD and LD. She is having a difficult year in Grade 5, which includes academic, social, emotional along with side effects from Vyvanse before and Concerta now ( The principal has asked us about moving her from her current male teacher to a Grade 5/6 split class with a female teacher ("probationary") at the start of the new term next week. I would like to hear from other parents about the pros and cons of having their child transferred in the middle of the school year. Below are what I can think of.

Possible Pros:
1) She does not like male teachers in general and may have a better connection with the female teacher.

2) She will have an educational assistant for the whole day, instead of the current system where there is a part-time helper for a bunch of students in the morning and a different helper in the afternoon.

3) She feels victimized by her current classmates and sometimes complains of bullying (non-physical) and is afraid of one particular female classmate (who may also have ADHD).

Possible Cons:
1) A split class with Grade 6 students may be even more challenging for her.

2) Her new classmates will not be used to her many bad habits such as picking her nose/ears and eating it.

3) All the special eduction students were in the male teacher's class, so she will be the only special education student in her new class. She may be teased more both in and outside the classroom, including by bigger Grade 6 students.

02-16-12, 03:17 PM
If you decide to go with the split class and it goes badly, can she move back to her old class?

02-16-12, 05:02 PM
Did the Principal give any indication why he feels it would be better for your daughter? Maybe he thinks your daughter isn't being challenged enough in the special ed 5th grade class.

02-16-12, 05:07 PM
You have to make sure that the principal has your daughters best interests at heart, and not just concerned about the other students in her class.

02-17-12, 12:14 PM
No experience re: mid-term transfer, but I will say my DD had someone who bullied her "psychologically" - she was afraid of him - and as a result kept an eye on him constantly. He affected everything - where she looked, where she sat, what she wore to class, what she ate for lunch, her ability to fall asleep at night - he was constantly in her thoughts. Her anxiety over this child was very high, and that made everything related to ADHD worse.

He was moved to another class, and she relaxed. Things have steadily gotten better for her this year. I think there are many reasons for this, but if you ask my daughter, in her mind the ONLY reason anything in her life has improved is because this boy is no longer in her class.

Maybe a good reason for your daughter to give a new class a try.

02-17-12, 02:39 PM
In 1st grade there was one boy in particular that went out of his way to bother ds; even though he had problems with a lot of the boys THIS boy was the biggest issue. That one boy was moved to the other class mid-year which helped a lot, and he was not put in ds' class this year; fortunately that boy is no longer at school, because he would still bother ds on the playground.

You could treat this a bit like moving to a new school; meet with the teacher, see if she would assign a "buddy," etc. I'll pm you a thread on helping children with mid-year moves.