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02-17-12, 05:17 PM
Hi, looking forward to sharing my journey with others.

I started a blog around 1 month ago, hope you enjoy reading it.


Follow me in my journey! I'm really excited to discuss and speak about my journey and others!

11-12-12, 08:49 PM
Just to update you all, I've been regularly updating it, and have had 1000's of reads, and I have nearly 1000 people following my blog :)

02-12-13, 08:35 PM

I wanted to start some posts about how I channel my ADHD towards my advantage at work.

With my ADHD, comes my obsessive personality. When I start something, I don’t want to get away from it. When I first started working, I used to struggle all the time with concertrating on my work. I’ve use my ADHD towards my advantage now, I’ve changed the way I think about work. I’ve used my energy and enthusiasm to my advantage. I’ve trained my brain to focus on my career.

I also think others can use this towards their advantage. You need to believe that you want it, you want your career to succeed even if you struggle with ADHD.

Focus your mind on your project, or working environment. You want yourself to believe that YOU can do it. You can do it. You can always succeed if you train yourself to do it. Use youe energy to keep your mind focused on that certain career.

03-05-13, 02:10 PM
Just letting you all know, lots has happened with my blog. Over 11,000 views :D

03-28-13, 03:59 PM
Just a quick update, over 1400+ followers, yippy! Lots of new posts, blogs, etc. Check it out. :)