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02-22-12, 06:51 AM
Hey guys,

My name is Rick and I live in Germany. I was diagnozed with ADHS and a coexisting underarchiver 6 months ago.

Im glad to found this board and get a lot of new information.

I started a project a couple of days ago about ADHD and my daily experiences with it. Will be announced soon, hopefully :D

Most of the content will be in a visual form but there some parts i need a bit help about the orthography and grammar.

I made a small .rtf file with a part of this content and it would be absoultly brilliant if you give me a helping hand. I want this as professional as possible.

I never learned Englisch beside my autodidactic hometraining with movies and tv-shows. I hope it is not that bad

best regards


02-22-12, 08:21 AM
Hey dude, welcome.