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02-23-12, 12:13 AM
hi there i have adhd and my concentration is not very good at all. i was wondering what supplements i should take? i currently am using ginko biloba and krill oil. but i read that for these supplements to even be effective that i must have alot more then the recommended?

02-23-12, 03:01 AM
In general, high protein low carb diet. High omega-3's. & Chromium is supposed to be pretty good for us. It's not a bad idea to eat cinnamon because of it's blood sugar regulating abilities, either - helps prevent spikes, which can impact add/adhd.

Protein sources are pretty obvious.

Low carbs because high glutamate levels in our brain fluid makes it less conductive to electricity, so signals fail to bridge synapse gaps & we experience "rolling blackouts," in areas of the outsides of our brains that cause the add traits & symptoms. So, low sugar, low starches.

Omega-3's are great for brain function. Fish oils are a common source & the cheapest way to buy 'em is in liquid form in a brown glass bottle and just take a teaspoon a day. I also buy hemp seeds for their high protein (best vegetable source of protein since they contain all 8 essential amino acids) & high omega-3's & as an added bonus high GLA fatty acids that are good for the skin. Sometimes I pick up hemp seed oil as well. Or flax seed oil, or flax seeds themselves & just grind them up a teaspoon or so at a time with a small mortar & pestle.

Chromium can be bought in the vitamins/supplements section pretty cheaply.

And if you're going to buy a regular multivitamin, I've read the contents of several bottles, and basically the best option on the cheap is to buy any of the ones labelled as for being for seniors - ie centrum silver vs. regular centrum, as the few ingredients that are different in the old peoples' version are increased chromium & a couple other things I can't recall that are all recommended for add/adhd as they help improve mental focus and memory -> things old ppl tend to need as their brains age.

02-23-12, 03:31 AM
caffeine, caffeine, and caffeine

02-23-12, 05:34 AM
oh cool thanks for your detailed answer ;)

02-23-12, 06:13 PM
Gingko might help a little but overall its not strong enough at all for ADHD. And IMHO unreliable, as are any supplement for ADHD.

I focus on diet (protein, healthy oils) and caffeine.