View Full Version : How long does Desoxyn last for you? Please contribute!

02-23-12, 12:47 AM
I've heard a lot of mixed experiences as to how long desoxyn lasts. My doc told me 5 hours.

Please vote based on how long Desoxyn lasts ONCE IT STARTS "WORKING" for you. So, likely 15-60 mins after taking it for most of us. This should go withiut saying, but please do not vote based on recreational usage or ingestion by other means besides swallowing the pill.

Also, if you can please note anything special like if you take anything with that may affect it, brand or generic, with or without food, dosage, etc. that would be really helpful to us all! Cheers!

02-23-12, 07:04 AM
A jolly chipper good fellow of mine, says he takes 5mg in the mornings which will last 5 hours, and then another 5mg in the evening which will last around 4 hours.

So two 5mg pills working for nine hours in such a schedule.

02-26-12, 10:43 PM
7 AM 1st dose taken right after a big breakfast lasts till 1 PM or longer. 1 PM 2nd dose taken right after big lunch lasts till 11 PM. No need for boosters, one dose is usually sufficient for morning and early afternoon coverage, but two doses will get me through the evening into the night with symptom relief. I've never experienced a crash of any kind, if anything it's so mild it's barely noticeable.

No issues with tolerance. It's still as strong as when I first started almost a year ago. No need for drug holidays, but I do enjoy a day or two here and there every few months just to be my good ol' ADHD self.

Over the past year I've dropped my dose because over time with daily usage I've found it gets stronger and my symptoms are better relieved with Desoxyn.

02-29-12, 09:49 PM
5 hours. Period. BUT it does kick in fast and has a very smooth onset and decline.