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10-21-04, 08:16 PM
My psychologist thinks I have dyslexia..........

I get letters and words mixed up pretty often, and I can write backwards (mirror image writing, I guess it's called) and I know the alphabet backwards better than I do forward, but I generally type and write okay. He said dyslexics have the ability to flip things in their head, very easily, which I do. But as I said, it only really affects my reading, not so much my writing.

Any thoughts on the subject? Do any of you have dyslexia?

Oh yeah, I stammer and stutter fairly often because somewhere between the thought and the vocalization, my words get mixed up...anyone else ever experience this?


Trooper Keith
10-21-04, 08:57 PM
I'm not dyslexic in any clinical sense, but I have dysgraphia...I do have dyslexic tendencies from time to time, but it's not so much from a problem reading the symbols as it is that I tend to read the words in the wrong order accidentally... as far as dysgraphia, I make my letters differently than a lot of people do...I start my S's and 3's from the bottom, and I write with entirely up and down strokes. My handwriting, however, is legible, so it isn't a problem.

10-21-04, 09:35 PM
One of my best friends is dyslexic.

10-21-04, 10:26 PM
Do you start from the left or right when you write backwards? Is this a common ability with dyslexics? How interesting! I get letters and words mixed up pretty often, and I can write backwards (mirror image writing, I guess it's called)

Can you literally say the alphabet backwards? I know the alphabet backwards better than I do forward.

Does flipping words when you're reading significantly impair your comprehension?

01-17-05, 10:49 PM
Ok. i forgot to mention that i have dislexia to. is'nt this a hoot?

04-25-05, 03:22 PM
I am getting tested tommorow for all the neurological problems dyslexia and ADHD. What you wrote sure sounds like me I do flip my thoughs and write that way too and then have to go back and edit.I also have problems writing at times and typing on the compute.

04-25-05, 09:54 PM
im dyslexic, kinda sux at times. Realised the other day that concidering im so **** at writing, i seem to do a fair bit of it though. Just have to edit it like 3 times over before the rest of the world can read what i write.

auntcris, go luck with your test.

05-09-05, 03:17 AM
thanks shinobi.
I am still waiting for the result. the dr want to talk to mom abut my history and child hood how I did in school all the stuff. I have a session with him on May 24th to find out my results.

I want a name for what is going on with me. I relate so much to the characteristics of ADHD and dyslexia. I am learning alot about myself since I ahve been her and started to open up and talk about how I feel.

I am geting ansy aobut waiting 2 more weeks. I am not a patient person when It comes to test results but I have no choice I guess.