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02-23-12, 07:51 AM
Unlike other stims where I would cleary be overstimulated when I was extremly obsessive, Desoxyn on the other hand is much more subtle. How do you know if you're at the right dosage? The most common answer I hear is: when you can focus! You'll know! But for someone with ADD-PI such as myself, it hasn't been that simple with any medication. Nothing seems to wholy improve my attention and with Desoxyn being a more subtle (but ironically very powerful) medication I'm worried about knowing how I should feel. Is the happy/motivation feeling during the first 2 hours supposed to go away so the attention aspects can be aplified at a higher dosage without feeling "high" or is my dosage already too strong? I haven't really noticed obvious changes in my ability to concentrate. Rather, it keeps me on task and kind of obsessed but not quite as much as ritalin or adderall does.

02-23-12, 07:58 AM
Keep a daily diary to put in all pertinent details. Then change your dosage once every 2 weeks or so and see how it is affected in your diaries mood.

02-23-12, 11:06 PM
Dosing is very difficult on Desoxyn, I agree. I've had to split my tablet to find the right dose. Basically, you want to stay within 20-25 mg daily, taken in two doses. I think most people find 10 mg 2x daily is sufficient. I've found higher doses don't help with focus, lower doses are far superior you just need to titrate to the best dose, don't expect much motivation from Desoxyn, expect clarity.

02-29-12, 09:51 PM
Desoxyn is, indeed, a most difficult med to dose. You can't ever expect it top to be as motivating as Adderall or even Dexedrine, so don't try and find that kick. Look for the shot of mental clarity and wellbeing.

03-02-12, 02:53 AM
This is how I've responded to various doses of methamphetamine...

5mg - Mild stimulation with slight anxiety.

10mg - Sedation and sense of well-being, followed shortly by moderate stimulation. Very mild anxiety appears as it wears off.

15mg - Strong yet gentle stimulation. Mental clarity is very noticeable, though the physical effects that typically accompany the mental amphetamine buzz are hardly noticeable.

20 - Stimulating AND relaxing. Brief flashes of strong euphoria. Warm and cold waves. This is the dose at which methamphetamine reveals it's energizing effects.

And I haven't exceeded 20mg...

03-02-12, 07:45 AM
@sbcy; never been on desoxyn. The way i usually test the efficacy/dosage of meds is: I try to read a pharagraph from a book. If the dose is right and the med is working i can go through it, understand it, and recall information i know on what the text is saying. If the dose is too low; i loose words. i.e. i manage to read 2 lines but half of the last line would not have been processed. If dose is too high; for me it is hard to say. With concerta and ritalin i it was clear if the dose was high; my mind would go in super overdrive. With 60mg adderall xr i had improved overall focus but when i tried to read i couldnt stay with the words so i thought dose was too high. Turns out that adding 7.5mg dex ir 4 times a day with the 60mg adderall xr did the trick. Only problem ... IR lasts 2 hours and 60mg adderalxr give me weird indigestion symptoms with every meal.

Will be switching to 30mg adderall xr and 40mg vyvanse next tuesday, the following tuesday increase dose of vyvanse to 70mg and keep adderall xr at 30mg. Hopefully that will do the trick .... fingers crossed. I am from europe, adderall & vyvanse are not available here and the cheapest flights are to the UK; where they are available but extremely expensive. It will cost me around 700$ per month, IF it will work, i will find a part time job (i am already a full time uni student) and mum will chip in 200$.

If it works i am willing to go to any length for this medication; yesterday my gf broke up with because since concerta stopped working 6 months ago, i have not been the person she fell in love with. I am in my 3rd year of studies at uni; last week i was informed that i made it in the Dean's list, based on my first 2 years of studies. They also told me that i ranked first among all the students in our faculty of arts and they will be sending me to china for a week as an abassador.

I have almost lost everything during these past 6 months of medication hell; my rel with my gf, my rel with friends, my education. I have also been really close to loosing my clean and sober time, and thus my sanity. Never in my 5 years of recovery have i been so close to using. And i did experience many lows and many devastating losses these past 5 years of recovery, but nothing compares to loosing your ability to think. I have spent these past 6 months hanging by a thread, i have spent all my savings, always counting the minutes till my next appointment with the pscyhiatrist or counting the days till the next increase in dose or next switch of medication ... mybe this willl work, maybe this time. Chaning meds or increasing dose and trying to read, only to discover that its not working ... then getting infuriated for depending so much on meds and trying to "will my self" to read and understand, also for nothing.

So far adderall 30xr + 15mg dex ir have been the closest to functioning. still not there but better than the others. So 30xr and approx 15mg of extended release of dex should be good. Spansules are not available in the UK, so adderall 30xr and vyvanse it is.

Went totally out of topic, and butt-raped what the OP said. Sorry!!! but this felt good.