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02-24-12, 06:03 PM
Hi everyone,

I just went back to school this spring after several years off. I am taking some science courses to get back in the swing of things and then my plan is to go into the graduate program for environmental science. And well, I'm very frustrated and perplexed, to say the least!

The semester started out well enough, I think mostly from excitement/paranoia about failing. I started taking Ritalin again and am now on 27mg of Concerta. The classes are more challenging than I was expecting but they are very interesting. For a while I was studying up to 10 hours every Saturday and did not want to stop...once I get into studying I LOVE it...probably partly from Concerta but also hyperfocusing - I will sometimes go a day without Concerta and I still want to study all day. I haven't hyperfocused on anything for a while and I really love having a passion again.

However recently I feel like I slipped behind...I was getting all As and got a couple Cs on exams and now it's very hard for me to keep up the motivation to study...once I feel like I am behind and not ahead of the game anymore it's like I just get so frustrated and it's so hard for me to study a moderate amount knowing I will get a B or C instead of an A. I've decided to quit my job so I have more time; it was stupid to go back to school while working 3 days a week. I get VERY flustered when under any time favorite thing to do is get up early (when it happens) and start studying by 9, then I am so relaxed because I know I have all day and will probably be ahead of schedule.

My first 400-level exam was last week and I had one hour to do it. I have never had test anxiety before but really had trouble focusing and got so frustrated and teary and kept looking at the clock...did not do so well on the exam despite acing every homework assignment that was far more challenging...I don't get it! College is so different from high school...I used to make honor roll every semester and hardly studied at all, usually would just cram and be fine.

Anyway if anyone can relate or offer advice I'd really appreciate it...if I could just figure out how to START studying I know I'd be fine again....I don't get it like today, it's 2:00 and I've been procrastinating all morning, then finally I sit down with the reading and just look at it, look at my notes, feel like I forget everything I've learned so far...just can't focus. I know once I start I will be fine and get really into it and study for hours and actually enjoy it...but why does it take so ******* long to start it?!?!

My favorite class is Calculus, it's challenging but I love that I can do all these practice problems until I know it inside-out, I love DOING the work and accomplishing it...the 400-levels are more applied, vague and based on advanced, lengthy reading material, it kills me!!


p.s. I'm guessing these are ADD traits, needing so much time to get through coursework, all-or-nothing mentality? It's like everything has to be "just right" for me to excel...if my classes were any easier I'd be bored and unmotivated, but if things get too challenging and I'm not getting all As anymore then I also lose motivation! It's so annoying!

Anna B
02-24-12, 06:36 PM
I slipped behind...I was getting all As and got a couple Cs on exams and now it's very hard for me to keep up the motivation to study.Hi ya Garlic, (love the name), I am a little Russian always rushin' and love Garlic.LOL
I have to share this link to encourage emotional stimulation in understanding the ups and downs of ADD or ADHD, (interchangeable), and the highly productive times... (

Three great points to ponder, 1) Engaged, 2) Energetic, 3) Creative,
What boosts your creativity?
What invigorates your interest?
Why did you choose this field of study ?
What setting can you envision yourself using this knowledge?
Can you break your large topics into small goals to catch up.
Reward yourself for every little accomplishment!!( groan, I know but the bigger picture is...(made of smaller parts :))I am a accomplishmentist too).

05-05-12, 02:02 PM
Yes, it is hardest for me to START things, usually it's not nearly so hard to continue them, unless they're really boring... and often difficult to STOP, unless they're really boring. I think this is classic ADHD.

06-05-12, 08:44 AM
It is even hard for me to start things that I know I will enjoy, such as writing or composing; however, once I do get started it is hard to stop.

06-05-12, 01:26 PM
If I have to do something awful (like clean-cleaning the house) I will wear my ipod with songs on it that I enjoy and tend to zone out too. My mind gets caught up in the music and my subconscious seems to take over and cleans, lol. I'm not real sure how exactly to describe it, but it works really well. The only thing that knocks me out of the weird hyperfocus/zoning out episodes like that is (a) physical exhaustion or pain (still dealing w/ healing broken toes) or (b) my ipod dies :D