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03-01-12, 10:11 AM
I am checking out this program:

All the coaching is done online through Skype or telephone,.

Also some online educational Videos regarding ADHD as well.

03-01-12, 03:29 PM
I've never heard about it but as far as I know any form of behavioural training isn't that effective with ADHD, especially not in the absence of medication.

03-05-12, 10:04 AM
That is true - but even with medication it is helpful to learn the strategies and skills that can positively impact your life,

whether you are on medication or not you still can learn strategies to help

03-05-12, 10:16 AM
whether you are on medication or not you still can learn strategies to help

Yes, that's true and from the studies I've read the most helpful combination is meds + behavioural coaching though the coaching only results in a marginal improvement.

I guess it's quite individual. I've just started CBT and so far I haven't learnt anything that I don't know yet or haven't tried yet. My problem is with the application of behavioural strategies but anyway, I'm still hopeful.

Have you looked at the program? Have you found out what exactly they are going to teach you. Does it sound like something that you don't know already?

I hope someone who actually has more experience and knowledge of this particular program will come along and help you.

03-05-12, 10:54 AM
There is a difference between coaching and CBT.

CBT that focuses on performance has proven ineffective because it ignores the fundamental nature of neurological impairment. CBT that has been effective is when it's dealing with emotional traumas that impair us because of the cognitive distortions associated with that.

Coaching is about having a compatability partner, whether paid or unpaid. There hasn't been much research on professional coaching so results are not evidence based.