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10-24-04, 11:56 PM
My penname is, Aiyana.
I live near Green Bay, with my husband, who is from Wisconsin. I am not. I am from Cali, and I don't have any real friends, and no family, I can count on, trust or can confide in, or whom, I do not scare away with all of my problems and issues.

We have lived here for a couple of years, but I am not happy, here.
Wisconsin is a far cry from Cali, as I miss the atmosphere, and the open and outgoing people within the southern state communities. I also miss my private getaway spots right off the beach, the sunsets, the lifestyle of being a beach-comber, as no other beach (for me), throughout this great Land of the Free, beats the Western Coastline, as San Diego and Southern California beaches do.

I hope that through this forum, I can meet some people in my area, and become friends with some people, who will not judge or persecute me for being myself.

I write poetry as a means to be understood, and to be listened to, but that is not, always, enough...
I need to feel ok with who I am, my circumstance i.e., a newbie, and such.

Who knows, maybe I will find my place, where I belong, and feel safe to socialize and to just being me.

P.s. It always comes up, so allow me to clarify... Yes, I am in counseling and I do get medication treatment, that I am currently taking. For I have been recieving treatment and counseling since the age of seven... There are no magical cures, so the battle goes on.
I just really hate that that is the first question everyone asks, whenever I open up with immediate honesty, and vulnerability, as if that label is supposed to mean something. To me, questions like that, right off the bat, tends to become, more of a hinderance, and my goal, here, is to move on with my life, not to be set back, by these concerns (?).

Not saying that no one should be concerned, and ask, it is just that that is always the first thing someone asks me, and that makes me feel, one is rushing to assumptions and misinterpreting my openess as anything but.

Thank you for allowing me to present this to you.
And thank you, for having me, here.

Safe Journey
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10-25-04, 12:41 AM
Welcome to the forums Aiyana,
Love your name can you tell me how it's pronounced.

We'll be your friends, you can confide in us, especially because we'll only know as much as you want us too, we'll always be on YOUR side!!!

If you want to Private Message me we can swap phone #s and you can call the next time we're at the beach just to listen to the waves--really. Then you can call me and let me hear folks running down the ice slopes or crunching thru the snow. Unless of course this would make you homesick.

Draga has a great thread where you poem writing folks can communicate thru rhyme, I love reading them:)

Is this a permanent move or will you be coming back west someday?

Ok here's goes my normal spiel: I'd like to direct your attention to the wonderful search function on the upper right of each page. My favorite is to go to advanced search and click on the show posts button.

Also at the bottom of each page as you scroll past the quick reply field are topics of similar interests.

Read, research any words, topics, or questions that may interest you, and please POST

10-25-04, 12:46 AM
Welcome to the ADD Forums, Aiyana! I hope you'll find the Forums as safe and welcoming as I (and many others have). Feel free, when you feel comfortable, to post questions, comments, respond to other discussions, post poetry (in the Creative Endeavors/Poetry section) and just have fun!

There are lots of folks here who likely share a similar story or two. I myself miss the California coast, having lived there for a couple of years (New York beaches don't hold a candle to California beaches).

Again...welcome amongst your new friends :)

12-07-04, 08:15 PM
Aiyana- Welcome. I am also in WI. I hate it here, but that is another story. Good to hear of others from the great mid-west. I am sure u will find this site to be of much help!