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03-02-12, 03:54 PM
I took about 5 days off my meds. Then took my usual dose and feel jittery. Should I have started at a lower dose and worked my way back up?

03-04-12, 12:19 AM
I would have started at half the normal dose on the first day back. Also, in my personal experience with stimulant meds, tolerance returns very quickly after a "vacation" so you'll probably be back at the normal dose after the 1st day. THIS IS ALL BASED ON ANECDOTAL/PERSONAL EXPERIENCE ONLY!! I ain't a medical professional (although I did drop out of pharmacy school, and out of nursing school five years later, fwiw)

03-04-12, 12:34 AM
....................this is exactly how med holidays make me feel

hang in there buddy.

03-04-12, 01:09 AM
I just finnished the first day of a three day meds vacation, kind of sucks but at the same time I have a feeling of relief of not having to be dependent on my meds.

03-04-12, 10:16 AM
I don't believe in vacations
medication is meant to control the symptoms of adhd which are constant, chronic and lifelong. If your adhd only affects school or work it may not be adhd.

03-04-12, 11:17 AM
I don't believe in vacations
medication is meant to control the symptoms of adhd which are constant, chronic and lifelong. If your adhd only affects school or work it may not be adhd.

I agree with this. I was prescribed focalin XR and the directions say to take every morning. Of course I don't know if regular Focalin is prescribed the same way. But based on my previous symptoms and how my life goes unmedicated (for ADHD), taking a day off wouldn't make sense for me, even on the weekends - otherwise I would most likely spend the entire weekend in bed or just watching TV

03-04-12, 12:27 PM
The power of Focalin is far too strong to take a holiday from, you must allow the Focalin to be with you at all times to utilize your inner strength.

03-04-12, 02:07 PM
Theres nothing wrong with taking breaks. If you feel the effects are tapering and the medication not helping you as much as usual, then sometimes that does signal break time.

Theres no use taking a medication non-stop if it isn't beneficial to do so.

03-04-12, 04:02 PM
Well, like many ppl, I come here for support. The availability of support in this community is very important. Everyone's chemistry is different, everyone's responses to meds is different, and some lucky folks happened to find the perfect treatment regimen that works exactly how they need it to, while others are stil stumbling through the options. And, some people just can't tolerate strong stimulant meds day after day, so they take vacations...or maybe their insurance coverage lapsed & they had to go off meds against their will. Maybe some people accidentally sleep in on Sunday morning, so they just skip that day's dose because they gotta work Monday morning and they'd be up all night if they took their meds.
There's a lot of unpredictability in human beings. These hypothetical situations are only a few things that can lead to a person taking a drug vacation.
I mean, there are several major areas in ADDforums dedicated to medications not FDA approved to treat ADHD, but they are allowed to continue because those meds bring relief to some folks.
As my dr said once, everyone deserves the chance to experience relief, no one deserves to suffer when treatments are readily available...have some compassion, we are all human beings! (he said that when I asked to try Wellbutrin, which is not approved for the treatment of ADHD, but worked in my case for several years before it quit working).

tl;dr: be supportive!!!!!!!!! as long as no one's breaking the law/rules, that's why we're here, right???????? <3 <3 <3 <3