View Full Version : Kyler may be Bi-Polar

10-25-04, 10:41 AM
We are looking into seeing if Kyler is Bi-Polar. His behavorior seems to be getting worse than it is better. They say that Bi-Polarism is genetic. I'm sitting there thinking, who would be bi-polar in my family. I talked to my mother and she proceded to tell me some family history. My grandmother was an alcoholic, tried to kill herself once and tried to kill her husband once. Her brother, my uncle Roy, was an alcoholic, did bizarre behavoriors such as buying odd animals and brininging them home, and he also killed himself by accident. He would find different ways to antagonize my great-grandmother, and suicide attempts were one of those ways, I believe that the Korean War brought it on more profoundly. He died when I was 4 years old, but I remember him vividly. I also had an Uncle Shirley who killed himself by putting his head in a oven.

They say that if an individual is bi-polar, stimulants, such as those Kyler is taking for his ADHD, will make bi-polarism worse. So, we are now trying to get him into a study for bi-polarism in children.

The foul language seems to get worse. It seems as if every word out of his mouth is foul, and takes great pleasure in calling me an idiot. But I know he loves me. He is very jealous of his brother and will beat up on him at every chance.

Thank you for listening.

10-26-04, 08:25 PM
As with many mental disorders, little is known about the genetic component of Bipolar Disorder. It is thought to be a strong connection and a complicated one. Current research is being done to shed more light on this mystery, as well as to improve effective treatments of the disease. I too can look at my family and trace a history. Thus far, I'm the only one seeking treatment, but I do believe there is hope for you and your son.

According to my doctor, even with mood stablizers, my cycling could be triggered with stimulants. I am aware of several that have success in taking both but not all of us can. I will readily admit that I have taken low doses of ritalin and have benefited but right now we are more focused on getting my mood swings stabilized before we tackle anything else.

My thoughts will be with you and your son as you begin the discovery process. Understand that this is just one of many possibilities and I hope that you and your doctor find the right solutions.

12-07-04, 10:40 PM
Hi, my son age 8 has bipolar and adhd. My husband and many of his family members on his mother side and father's side have it as well! My side of the family (only 1 uncle) so far has been diagnosed but other family members have significant symptoms.
Most of the diagnoses just came to light within the last year!!!! But anyway...I can feel your pain.