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03-03-12, 01:40 PM
I tried a 5 Hour Energy dose for the first time this morning. It was an experiment.

I ran the experiement this AM because it's Saturday, a day when I can skip my Adderall IR. I didn't want to mix the two.

The dose came as a freebie in a package my wife received from a sports apparel company.

I took it at 11:21AM.
First observation: 11:21AM--It tastes absolutely terrible. Sweetened with sucralose. I really hate the taste of artificial sweeteners, including among those natural sweeteners such as stevia. This was grimace inducing yuckiness even though it's such a small amount. Like drinking a liquified stick of gum. It was pomegranate flavor.

Second observation: Around 11:50AM. I noticed a bad headache come on, mostly in my teeth, face, and sinuses, which is typically where I get sinus headaches.

Third observation: Around Noon. I noticed tightness in the middle of my chest, some burning, similar to a chest cold, or chest congestion. It lasted about five minutes, and wasn't enough to stop me from working around the house.

Fourth observation: Around 12:10PM. The headache is all but gone and so is the chest irritation.

Fifth observation: Now, 12:38PM. Nothing more to report.

I didn't feel the "flush" from the B-vitamins that I've read about. Didn't feel jittery. Didn't feel any excessive or even extra energy.

03-03-12, 03:13 PM
Sorry, I was interrupted before stating the conclusion.

Conclusion: Even if I got another free sample, the taste isn't worth it.