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10-26-04, 01:25 AM
i was looking at some websites about BPD and was checking out the symptoms and found that i fit 7 out of 9 of them. i have ADHD and am currently being treated for Bipolar but in a session with my therapist we had talked about some of my recent friendships that just fell apart out of the blue and also discussed my anger problems. i want to bring up the possibility of BPD but not sure if i should or how i should. i think i fit it more than i do the bipolar....but im not a shrink :) any suggestions would be sooo appreciated!!

10-26-04, 01:59 AM
I would just say "What do you think about the possibility I might have borderline personality disorder?"

At this point, your therapist will probably say "What makes you say that?" and you can describe what you found on the web sites.

03-18-05, 10:29 AM
I am Bi-Polar too, have been most of my life diagnosed that way, but just today I found out the symptoms of Borderline Personality, and it fits me to a tee, I am going to bring this up to my counsoler when I see her next.

I am also PTSD & COD and ADHD...

03-19-05, 01:36 AM
I am Borderline, Epileptic, PTSD( just found out) having a hard time dealing with it too. I also have problem with eating right restrict food. I have been dx also ADHD will get more testing done on that one hopefull soon.

I hate it Bpd, it makes me feel like there is something wrong with my personality . Less of a person than I already am. I was so angry when I found out in 1999. I still am. I hate how it makes me feel. Well that is all now.

03-19-05, 09:16 AM
I am Borderline, Epileptic, PTSD( just found out) having a hard time dealing with it too. I also have problem with eating right restrict food. I have been dx also ADHD will get more testing done on that one hopefull soon.
Sorry to hear about the Epilepsy, sounds like you have Acid Reflex to, I had been doing some research on that recently. Might help if you take Nexium for that and invest in an elevating pillow that allows you to sleep more in up right position.

I talked to my (ex) yesterday about my problem with feelings of worthlessness, and he said he is having a hard time with me clinging to him, I am not sure how to handle it since I go from one extreem to the next either I am hurt and lashing out or I am asking his permission for a hug and kiss.. always want to hold his hand. Sometimes he has headaches and just can't give me the personal attention, and I always take it as rejection. I am always upset, negative. And now that I know what I am, I am hoping counseling on this area can help improve me.

I would not wish anyone to have this disorder, it is emotionally draining, and I have but just started medication for my bi-polar and hope that can help me some - but I know it takes time to build up in the system.

The ADHD has to wait a while I guess, not sure how they are going to take care of all the problems, may not be able to.

03-23-05, 04:29 PM
I meant an eating disorder were I resist food. hun.

03-23-05, 05:37 PM
LOL< sorry, I have a time of jumping to conclusions. I realized what you meant from your recent post over the other direction.

I wish I could just magically resist food, but yea that can be a serious problem if you don't eat enough, or take supplements to replace what you are missing out on.

03-27-05, 12:16 AM
No ya dont isnt an easy thing. At the moment I am having a hard time dealing with my bpd. The eating thing is just one of my control issues since I have no control over others.

How are you doing?

03-27-05, 03:30 AM
Missed you,

Been going along, trying to adjust to my new medications but feel like I am in a fog, and have headaches which is new for me.

My eating is limited recently due to having the rest of my teeth pulled, sticking to a lot of easy to eat foods, and cut down quite a bit.

How are you doing, has the doctor cut down on your one medication to see if that would help with your appitite?

03-27-05, 05:28 PM
I Miss you too...Yes but I am hardly eating due to my depression ... pm or email me anytime. Okay I really miss talking to you back and forth. My eating is not good. I thik I nned to go into to the hospital. I dont know what else to do....I am crying alot lately. too much this could be due to perimenopause too.

03-27-05, 07:24 PM
You do what you have to do ok, if that means taking a stay at local hospital for a bit. We have one here I considered going to while back when I first got divorced, but thankfully ex is back.

I wish I could help you feel better, I cried so much when ex had left, I almost didn't think I was going to make it.

Today I went to the store to get that book I told you about, but Easter and they were closed, so I will opt for store closer by this week to look for the book and get started. In case you forgot the name of the book it is:

Skills Training Manual For Treating Borderline Personality Disorder
By Marsha M Linehan

This is the book friend highly recommended for anyone BPD.

I am back now for a while, might do like I have done when down and start watching movies, and just keep running them even if you fall asleep. That is what I did for the few weeks ex was gone, only way I could fall asleep without thinking.

Take care of yourself,

03-28-05, 04:50 AM
Nightstar I have the manual not the book. I went through a programm at a hospital called RockCreek Center in Illinois. I was there in 2000 for 2months and 2001 for 4 months I wish it was still around. I was told they closed back in 2002. Their program helped and then things just happened recently.

I need some advice. I miss talking to you.

03-28-05, 06:10 AM
Sure thing will drop you e-mail here tonight, I got my sleeping messed up to night, usually I am to bed around 12 and up by 6/7.

That is good you have that second book, I was told it was pretty complicated, and that it was best to stick with the first manual, even though the 2nd one is by far better.

I can likely check on that place you are talking about and find out what happened to it. I don't know of any other places near me but for Moline Illinois there is a Robert Young Center - that is the one I was thinking about spending some time at.

03-28-05, 03:26 PM
I have the manual not the book Night star. I am sorry I can write any longer I am in tears

03-28-05, 07:57 PM
What is wrong Chris, did you get my e-mail, did I say something to upset you?

I didn't mean to if I did, I hope not.

I will be getting that manual / book this week guarenteed.

I talk to my counselor today, and she is going to start me out on another book too next time I see her, to build up self esteem, I can forward you some of the work book lessons and we can go through them together - how about that?

Take care, chin up, we can get through this.

03-28-05, 09:54 PM
no I am not mad at you ....Did you get both of my emails...? That sound ok...

03-29-05, 12:12 AM
Yes, got e-mails, was stalled a bit tonight kids wanted to play cards, I am back now though.

03-29-05, 12:19 AM
I look forward to working on the manual with you . I love ya girl

04-02-05, 06:09 AM
Thanks, hope you are feeling better - at least a brighter day, you might get up early some morning to watch a sun rise, or get telescope to watch the stars, that is why I chose the name Night Star, cause I like looking at the stars at night. :-)

04-03-05, 01:46 AM
I love to look at the stars too. It is hard to see them here . I live in the city Uuuggghh.

I am feeling alittle better. I had a bad night last night but talked to someone on the phone. I told her my feelings and thoughts. I like that hotline . I am in a better state of mind. Nightstar I think alot of this is perimenopause and that just seems to agrivate my othter problem so much worse. My dr wont put me on anything and my mom say not to go on anything . She has been through it and doing it the natural way now. Thanks for the suggestion. I love to gaze at the stars when I can get outside and away from the city lights.

04-03-05, 08:50 AM
I don't understand going the natural way, that don't sound good to me, I have never believed in natural, that is fine for having babies, but when it comes to mental illness, I think we all need a little help.

Though I am on medication and still having crying spells myself, so it is not 100% full proof plan, though I can say most of the time I am calmer, just 2 times in last week I was upset, been on medication 3 weeks now and nothing during the first two weeks. I am bipolar though, so some of my emotional outbursts could be attributed to that as well.

What I have done is drive to the country to get better look at stars, a while back I was able to see my first meteor shower that was cool made me think of my grandpa, he was the one always telling me to look at shooting stars. I miss him, passed a way a few years now, but he raised me for a good many years.

Hoping I get a call soon on that book coming in, I see my counselor on the 14th can't wait, they should readjust my medication at that time.

Take care of yourself,