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03-08-12, 07:30 PM
I've been diagnosed with ADD about 3 months ago. I started off with Vyvanse at first, and could go up to 60mg. It didn't work at all for me after the first day and gave me horrible side effects. The next week I started Ritalin since I had so many side effects with the Vyvanse. The Ritalin did not work at all with me even at 60mg, and made me really hungry. Came back a month later to him and he switched me to Adderall IR since Ritalin didn't work either. I started off with 20mg and that only worked the first day, I continued that for a week and went up to 30mg of Adderall in the early morning then another 20mg at noon like he told me to try. Still hasn't worked to help me at all. My tolerance seems to raise quickly and none of these work for longer than a week to help my ADD symptoms. I am still on Adderall after a month and a half and it's not doing anything at all except making me not hungry. I thought about Desoxyn and have read good things about it on the web, and would like to give it a shot. Does Desoxyn sound ideal for me? If so how would I bring this upon my doctor? I'm scared he will think I'm a crack addict since Desoxyn is meth technically and that I'm asking him for it. He doesn't want to try focalin since that's pretty much Ritalin he said. Adderall also makes me extremely mad at the end of the day where I just hate everyone and everything bothers me; and anti-social when I'm on it during the day. Ritalin also made me aggravated about 6-8 hours after taking it even though it didn't do anything to help me.

P.S. I'm 18 and in college living at home with my parents, and my mom told me that if Adderall doesn't work then I don't actually have ADD and that she will have our insurance take me off of the medicine since I have tried so many different medicines already. I plan on asking him directly face to face with my mom out of the room so she doesn't say something about me talking to him about Desoxyn.

03-08-12, 09:29 PM
Honestly... I think you should avoid asking your doctor about Desoxyn, especially since you've only been on medication for 3 months. If Adderall seriously doesn't work and you're getting a tolerance after 1 week you may have to reassess how your symptoms compare on and off Adderall. What benefits did you receive from the first week of taking Adderall that you believe you've developed a tolerance to?

You want to find a dose that helps you stay calm and focused. Typically lower doses do the trick, if they don't, titrate slowly upward in dose until you find the right dose. Finding the right medication and right dose is a tricky process and it's best to be patient and not to expect 100% symptom relief instantly. There is no miracle drug that cures ADHD and is without side effects. Talk with your doctor about strategies to cope with your symptoms along with taking medication.

If anything try Dexedrine next. Desoxyn is not worth the trouble.

03-09-12, 01:10 AM
I had horrible side effects with vyvanse too. It took too long to kick in and when it did it was like WHAM, a strong peak but then a hugely agitating and depressing comedown. i have to say it's peak was quite helpful for my concentration though. It also just didn't last very long 3-4 hours. I've also tried adderall. Supposedly, if your inattentive you may benefit more from amphetamines vs methylphenidate. If this is you this may explain why ritalin didn't work. In all honesty, i'd experiment more with the dosing of adderall or try dexdrine before asking for desoxyn unless you have an EXTREMELY liberal doctor. Even if he does write the script you will more than likely have trouble finding it at a local pharmacy and your insurance may not cover it. They'll probably have to order it. In case you didn't know desoxyn is "meth." I'm normally quick to correct people who call ADHD drugs meth or speed, but with desoxyn it's actually true.

03-09-12, 09:54 AM
I'm normally quick to correct people who call ADHD drugs meth or speed, but with desoxyn it's actually true.

Desoxyn is methamphetamine, but when used as prescribed speed is not the correct term to use.

Adderall, Dexedrine, Vyvanse and Desoxyn are all considered speed when used recreationally. Amphetamines = speed.

Desoxyn (methamphetamine) is FDA approved for children with ADHD 6 years old to 17 years old. When used at low oral doses, methamphetamine should calm an individual down who is suffering from ADHD; not speed them up.

05-27-12, 02:07 PM
I was prescribed desoxyn about 4 months ago, and I will tell you my experience with the rest of what I have tried before I tell you how it works.

Ritalin: worked ok but made act like I was on coke, concerta just made me angry.

Focalin: better but still the coked up persona.

Adderall: worked great but stole my personality, and the side effects were just too much to handle on a daily basis.

Vyvanse (or dexedrine if you have very strong self control): by far the best, if you are on a correct dose (usually higher with vyvanse), but it gave me headaches pretty regularly. also it can cause a type of focus that is too zeroed in on a given thing ( which is one of my biggest problems without meds), and that can be counter-productive depending on what kind of person you are.

if you can somehow get straterra and any amp at the same time, I would suggest trying that. VERY good for impulse control and organized thoughts and actions. also you will need a much smaller dose of the stim and that is good because the higher the dose, the quicker tolerence develops. in my case my pdoc kept raising my adderall dose despite my asking for a med change, all the way up to 120mgs a day, and I displayed all the symptoms of a schizophrenic for three months. not fun :mad:

Now desoxyn: I dropped my former Pdoc, and started going to my family's D.O, and he is very willing to try whatever I talk to him about, so I asked to try desoxyn. he wrote me a script and after some dose tweaking I am at 2 5mg tabs in the morning and 1 in the afternoon. It works wonderfully. there is no furious need to do something as there is with vyvanse or adderall, and you can focus on whatever you choose. there are little to no side effects, and the main thing I like is that it does not change my personality.

this stuff can easily be injected so beware! if there is any chance you think you may be inclined to do that, STAY AWAY! I have seen incredibly successful peoples lives ruined after trying that once.

hope this isn't too much and it helps.

05-28-12, 06:07 AM
Generally desoxyn is more of a last resort medication(although there is a stigma about it which makes no sense to me because its still a treatment for adhd). That said,m I would consider trying dexedrine before desoxyn. The methylphenidate class of drugs arent always for everybody and the levoamphetamine in adderall can also not work for some people. Dexedrine is straight amphetamine and sometimes can be the solution to these issues. If you have a cool relationship with your doctor and have exhausted all your options then I dont see why your doctor would refuse desoxyn...if he is misinformed about stimulants then he could subscribe to the theory that desoxyn=meth..which isnt true. It can be a life saver for those that are resistant to other stimulants.

05-28-12, 05:19 PM
[...]if he is misinformed about stimulants then he could subscribe to the theory that desoxyn=meth..which isnt true

Well, it is meth. But it's definitely not the same meth you would get on the street.

06-02-12, 03:54 PM
You're 18 your mom doesn't have to be with you.
Why did you just try the stimulant medications? There are other options besides this. Go ask for Dexx first. You're in Illinois, the Malickrodt brand is amazing.

06-19-12, 09:37 AM
you should be. dont do meth or drugs in general