View Full Version : Not sure what to do now? [SORT OF URGENT!]

03-11-12, 07:07 PM
Hey, I'm back haven't posted in like 7 moths but anyway I'm back and was still wanting advice.

Basically I want to know how to ask my school nurse about getting a test for ADD/ADHD. This has been going on for ages now an I'm close to getting kicked out of my private school. I have been closely monitored for behaviour and surprisingly around 50% of it is good. However it would make it a whole lot easier if I found out whether I do have ADD/ADHD. I've looked at all the symptoms countless numbers of times, I've got a quite a lot of them but my hyperactivity isn't happening as much as it did last year but I'm 15 now so that might be a reason why. I guess I get embarrassed about it when people talk about it, I just instantly go red in the face and can't help it. I just want to ask and feel okay about it. Please could someone help. I've got parents evening coming up soon. P.S. this took a long time to write.

03-11-12, 07:10 PM
Can you ask your parents to take you to your general practitioner? The school nurse might be able to point you in the right direction but, your family doctor would be able to also prescribe some medication in the case she thinks you do have ADHD.

03-11-12, 07:41 PM
I don't think I have a general practitioner :P I've tried telling my mum before but she never really listened. Also one time it was funny my dad said to me 'keep taking your medicne.' but I'd rather speak to someone at school first. The main problem is obviously school for me. I mean I have problems at home too but it's mainly at school because I'm doing exams this year. I'm not sure whether my school has a councillor because I've never seen or heard of he or she. I mean I could start with possibly telling my head of year who looks at this report card that I have that is signed by teachers to say what I've done in class. I'm seeing her tomorrow morning.

03-11-12, 07:55 PM
Yeah, that might be a good start. Maybe someone from school can help you come up with a plan of action. Medication is the only proven successful treatment for ADHD, but if you do have ADHD, maybe all you need is some extra support from your school. Good luck tomorrow!

03-11-12, 07:58 PM
Your GP can't prescribe ADHD meds here unless directed by a psychiatrist. You need to get an assessment done by an ADHD specialist with a referral from your doctor. It could take a while though depending where you live, the NHS aren't exactly quick.

03-11-12, 08:07 PM
You should be registered with a GP and they would be your first point of contact to get a referral to an ADHD specialist as Plank said.

Maybe you are registered with your parent's GP clinic?

Still, it's worth talking to your school nurse. She can hopefully advice you about the correct procedure. Just tell her about your symptoms and why you believe that you might have ADHD and stress how it impairs your school work and life in general.

There isn't really a single test for ADHD. It's normally diagnosed after an interview with a psychiatrist specialising in ADHD. You don't have to be hyperactive to have ADHD. Also, as you get older hyperactivity tends to be more internalized and can manifest itself as restlessness.