View Full Version : Wellbutrin XL vs SR

03-12-12, 02:50 PM
I started the XL and went along with the ups and downs until i finally got it working perfect and i felt like a brand new man. I wanted to change doses so my doctor recommended me SR instead of XL.

So i switch to SR and things are good for about a week, then things change. I was more irritable, less appetite, less sex drive and returning depression issues.

i dont know if i should give the SR more time or get back on XL. im starting to lose it again if i keep feeling like this.

09-27-12, 10:29 PM
I am about to change from SR to a higher dose (450) of XL So Maybe after i feel something I may give you a bit inverse insight .

Funny you mention your doc recommended SR over XL to adjust your dosage.
Were you guys trying to increase your dosage or lower it ?

10-05-12, 12:56 AM
Based on my experience thus far I would say that if the daily dose is the same it will not have a different effect.

All too often people start with this drug and feel very uncomfortable. they make changes like you have (or even time of dosage).... things get worse (or better)

we assume that the change is a result of changing the the method of dosing ie. SR to XL

But we forget that that welbutrin takes a while to kick in , and though some feel it right away it still probably not at its full effect... the symptoms with welbutrin seem to change every 2 days or so. because of this quick change it is all to easy to say that it was because of the change you made..

There is nothing to say that if you would of stayed on the XL you would not be at the same place you are at now.

Compounding this problem is that we tend to up the dosage after a few days. so you are going through a set of side effects from the first dosage. and now that you have uped it you are going through another set of symptoms at the same time...

Every time i increased my dosage i felt all the symptoms i had with the lower dosage come back.

I would try to hang in there. I am hanging in... so far besides needing less sleep(NOT a good thing) i have felt no positive. but i will wait maybe a month or two just to be sure.

If welbutrin does not work for me I want to be 100% sure it failed so i never have to, or feel to take it again.

keep me posted for any positive results... I am taking only for ADHD not for depression ,Many say it does wonders for depression