View Full Version : ET BUBBLY'S Poetry

10-27-04, 12:36 AM
hurt overwhelms me inside and out
I miss you so much, without a doubt
your memories beside me, I keep them tucked away
I bring them out to remember the day
your smile never betrayed me
your laugh always comfort me
your hugs always showed me you cared
your love was like no other, the good and the bad
but I loved you anyway, even when I was mad
Dad, I wish that you were here
by my side
watching me grow
I didn't want it to end, I lied
I want you back, this I've cried
I knew it when I felt it, that day you went away
I said what I had to say,
but to say goodbye, I could never say
I love you dad so much, that it breaks my heart
I will always miss you,

10-27-04, 12:39 AM
I cry alone
I don't know why
sometimes life is so hard
I just want to die
I wanted to run, but this did not work
I made myself bleed, it's freaky I know,
it's a temporary solution, or so I thought so,
it runs down my arm,
and bleeds out of my heart

make it all stop
then maybe we'll see