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03-17-12, 03:47 PM
I've been struggling for about a year now to get help through Kaiser for my ADD and I'm now getting referred to another doctor within Kaiser because my current doctor told me we should discontinue all meds and that I "must not have ADD" because I had a bad reaction to Strattera (ridiculous).

The referral is supposed to take up to six months and I'm at the point now where I am willing to pay whatever is needed to find a doctor now and get my life functional. Obviously would like to avoid $200 consultation fees to doctors who don't even understand ADD, though. And, if at all possible, would like to avoid having to go through the (seemingly) long process of CHADD. Trying to simply use this site as my CHADD, as they both just seem to be ways of networking.

Currently dropped out of school because of my issues but will be giving it another go during the summer as I have no choice. Would really like to have this weight lifted off of my by then so I have a better chance of succeeding.

Obviously, if CHADD is my last option I will go that route (just saying, as I have seen it linked many times)... but have to assume that there are some known, compassionate doctors you all know of that can cut through this already slow process... hopefully in my area :eek:

03-17-12, 03:53 PM
Check with Cal Davis ....they have a whole program for adult ADD.....just down hwy 80 a bit .....

03-19-12, 12:10 AM
Haha 137 people view this with 1 reply... I thought the title of the post was pretty self-explanatory, either you're from Sacramento or you're not weirdos :-P

Unless there are 136 people also looking for doctors in Sacramento in which case SUCKtacular