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03-19-12, 11:58 AM
peripheral nerve hyperexcitability anybody?

I believe I have it or a condition called benign Fasciculation Syndrome. It's a Neurological Disorder that causes Muscle twitching, Stiffness, Pin and Needles Sensations, pain, fatigue, Headaches,tremor, and Itching. I heard it's very rare but can be associated with ADHD. For the last year my life has been turned up side down mainly because of this disorder. I also have ADHD, GAD,SAD, Dyspraxia. My doctor don't believe me and neither do my family. I've had EEG's,MRI, EMG, And a neurological Examination.They were all clean.But however from my research BFS is a diagnosis of exclusion. I'm currently on Ativan for ANXIETY my doctor makes me feel awful by giving instructions to the pharmacist to write that on my prescription bottles in big letters.:( I can live with being mentally ill but having a neurological problem and being mocked and made fun of is not okay.:mad: They(doctors) never told me the cause of my twitching. I've had Anxiety way before this started so I don't buy Anxiety as the cause of these Symptoms.