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03-20-12, 03:48 PM
I guess it makes sense. Some days this happens to me. I take my stimulant and then it works and then I'm followed by periodic issues that mainly concern forgetting and time management and the issue with planning and organizing my day more normally as well as 'remembering' what I'm supposed to do as far as doing the regular things without getting zoned in or zoned out. I hear that from alot of sources that clonidine and or tenex ( intuniv) combat that spaciness and actually bring back mindfullness. That means living in the moment instead of drifting back and forth all the time. More level all the time. I'm not sure why, but I think that the alpha agonist must enable the stimulant to work more properly without overthinking or becoming stuck ( cognitive flexibility issues) . SSri's dont help this , they dumb you down. Its easily confused and aside from sedation I think intuniv, tenex, or clonidine with stimulants answers this question . I have taken it with stims before and am about to retry it. I just don't want to have the sedation part. Aside from that I know it helps memory and eliminates being stuck. I would like to see some feedback why or who else experienced this when combining the two. I know its fact and I also know when I take intuniv or tenex my verbal skills and working memory seem to go from feeling tight and jammed to a well run engine that can shift like a porche 9-11. I'm not the only person this happens too. I know it. I'm not imagining taking tenex or intuniv and feeling sedated which sucks but then having alot more ability to retrieve information and listen and then follow through on things and remember things normally. There is something to this and I don't know why. Care to jump in . Please do- Indirectly ssri's do this in a different way . It doesnt matter because my memory sucks and worsens with ssri's and my motivation drops below zero. So it's not worth it . Clonidine eliminates anxiety and enhances my working memory and my stimulant feels like its working like a brand new med. Why? I appreciate the feedback.

03-22-12, 09:39 AM
Thing that worry me is that both clonidine and guanfacine (and beta blockers too) can cause/worsen depression if you are prone to it. That was my experience on clonidine as well.