View Full Version : Back to square one...psychiatrist was a no-show

03-20-12, 04:57 PM
So irritated. Just some background.....I live in Puerto Rico but speak very little Spanish. It took me about a month of calling around and some very awkward Spanish/English conversations to find a doctor who would take my insurance, is close enough to me and speaks English really well. Took another two weeks to get an appointment, aaaannnnnd he never showed up.

This was my experience. I found his office, which is shared by him and a female psychologist. I go into a room with some chairs, and a closed door at the end of the hallway. No receptionist, no sign-in sheet, nothing. I assume he is with another patient, so I sit with two other people who are also waiting. Fifteen minutes later the closed door opens, and two women come out, the psychologist and her patient. The patient leaves and I ask if the doc I had the appointment with is there. The psychologist replies in rapid Spanish, which I THINK meant he is coming, or on his way. So I try to talk to the other two ladies in there, and in a mixture of Spanish and English, they tell me that one of them has been waiting since 10 am and the other since 11. It is now 1 pm. I go outside to try to call the number I had for the doc and it goes straight to voice mail. So I'm thinking ***** this, I'm leaving. But first I go back inside to see what is going on there, and the psychologist is kicking the other two ladies out b/c she is closing the office for lunch. I left. Those poor ladies are probably still there waiting. WTF.

And just some more background: the year that I have spent here has taught me that this wasn't a case of the doctor having an emergency. It's extremely difficult to get people to answer the phone (yes even at a doctor's office), return your calls or keep an appointment.

I'm even more irritated because I've had a series of incidents in the past two weeks with people not showing up when they are supposed to. So anyway, the point of this rambling post is that I am back to square one and no closer to a diagnosis than I was a month ago. And P.S. I don't want to live in Puerto Rico anymore. God help the people who have more urgent psychiatric needs than mine.

03-20-12, 05:08 PM
how annoying! unprofessional that he didn't show up. are you there w/ the military or coast guard? or just living there?

03-20-12, 06:12 PM
bless you, it takes a lot of mental preparation beforehand as well to go to some of these appointments and i can imagine your probably feeling quite let-down and disheartened, is there any way you can travel back to he states for an assessment on annual leave/holiday ? x

03-20-12, 08:36 PM
We are military and will be here for another year and a half. It's really not THAT bad here, just can be trying at times and not speaking Spanish makes it so much worse. The people here are generally very nice and helpful but I can't always count on finding someone who speaks English. And no one seems to have any sense of urgency, ever. It's just a very different mentality than what I'm used to. And I generally don't have hours to wait for appointments.

I'm actually spending the summer with my family so maybe I can see someone then. I was just hoping to get some help sooner than later because school is getting much more intense and I'm drowning!!! HELP!