View Full Version : Pramiracetam and choline dosage

03-23-12, 10:47 AM
I'd like to try out Pramiracetam as a supplement this week. Research on this site suggests that I should take Choline along with Pramiracetam in order to prevent side effects like headaches.

I have bought 10 g each of Pram and Choline CDP and a 1 mg weighing scale.

Can people suggest a dosage for Pram and Choline that I can start titrating with? I saw 250 mg each as one possible dosage but is there a lower dosage level that people started with and found good results?


03-25-12, 05:20 PM
I take 250 mg of Choline CDP twice a day but haven't noticed anything remarkable. It's supposed to help improve memory so we'll see...

I took Pramiracetam a while ago, about 600 mg/day but less is more with this one. It's quite potent so start low and go from there.