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03-23-12, 03:34 PM

I would like to know if Bach Flowers have work for other people, cause They don’t seem to be working for me.

I was recently diagnosed with ADHD, first by myself and then by a dr. Who prescribed Concerta but I never tried it 'cause my mom convinced me that there were too many side effects that seem to be worse than the ADHD itself, so she asked me to try Alternative Medicine, my mom also hated the fact that I would have to take medicine my whole life.

I on the other-hand was kind of relieved that there was a name for my lifelong struggles and actually I did not mind at all if I had to take medicine for the rest of my life, if that would help me feel a little bit normal… but I gave it a go to this alternative method.

Anyway, I started going with this person, she is a Psychologist, and first thing she gave me Bach Flowers treatment, she also gives me Reiki therapy and we are working on a Behavior Therapy combined with "talk" therapy, I have also being suffering from Depression since I was 12-14 years old, the kind of depression that allows you to “function” everyday but that you know is there and won’t let you enjoy life.

At first, these treatments, kind of made me a bit more relaxed and I liked her approach and the fact that she "knew" how to "read" me from the beginning....we are also working on some stuff related to my life, BUT she keeps on saying that my ADHD is actually related to the fact that I live my life based on my "Wants" instead of my "Have/Should to's", meaning:

when I forget things is because deep down I am avoiding situations/responsibilities/growing up, even though I have gave her examples of simple stuff like forgetting were I placed meaningless things like sun glasses, but if I misplace my keys or something like that, she says it is "because I really don't feel like going out, or something" apparently :eek:

The same applies for being always late or overwhelmed for lack of time management... apparently it is my inner self running from responsibilities LOL. :eyebrow:

Feeling awkward on social situations means that I haven’t developed social skills/poor emotional intelligence/ lack of confidence, etc, etc.

Difficulty relating to other people/making friends/having boyfriend, is me being selfish/ no accepting others/lack of confidence, etc, etc...

Getting distracted is because my mind is worried all the time and again because my inner self is like a child who is always “doing” what I want, not what I should. :scratch:

At first it kind of made sense, BUT now is like every single aspect of my ADHD seems to be related to something else instead and NOT a cause of ADHD, even though I know deep in my heart that even with people I trust my ADHD acts up without me realizing sometimes. Not because “deep in my mind” I am avoiding something or whatever LOL.

This has become to bother me and I have even consider stop going to this psychologist, but when I “took” a break from therapy she said I was avoiding my problems and that I should really go back to work on it. The thing is that I have to see her even if I don’t want to, because I drive an aunt to Reiki therapy with this doctor and is like I can’t simply “disappear” from her sight. LOL :(

I know she has worked with kids more than with adults, and apparently these kids never had to take meds or anything but Bach Flowers and after this therapy they have had normal lives, even after stopping with Bach Flowers, but I don’t really think she can help me after all. I like other of her therapies that probably would help me personally, BUT NOT FOR MY ADHD.

Should I go back to the psychotherapist and try the Concerta? Or keep on this path?

04-06-12, 09:45 PM
I don't know if you're still here, but I wanted to answer this.

So when I forget to turn off the hob after making dinner, what is the reason for that? That I secretly want to burn the house down? I think this person sounds like a quack. If you feel that she is helping you with some of your problems, could you tell her that you want to focus on those, say, depression, for instance? And go back to the psychoterapist and ask for advice about the ADHD? Not everyone with ADHD takes meds, so you might be able to function with therapy/coaching etc. What I don't think is helping, is this woman telling you that ADHD is your fault and that you should just grow up:mad: Does she even believe ADHD exists?

Actually, I should take my own advice and get a new doctor myself, because I've been told exactly some of the same things:eyebrow:

04-24-12, 08:29 AM
exactly!!! LOL sometimes our minds simply dont pay attention, without a "reason". Or at least thats what I believe in many many situations.

Apparently she does believe in ADHD, she has worked mainly with kids and teens, and she apparently has been succesfull in helping them with "talk" and alternative therapies, like the Bach Flowers that I mentioned, to the point of them being able to stop their treatment for good and continue with their lifes. The problem is I am a young adult, not a kid or a teenager, so maybe I am out of her league as she has no other ADHD adult patients. :umm1: though I do act/think like a teenager at times lol.

Anyway... I stopped going to therapy a couple weeks ago, did not tell her the real reason for me not going anymore, BUT in a few days I will have to face her as its time for my aunt (from out of town) to go again with her and I am the only one that has the time to drive her.

I have decided to go back to the psychiatrist that I mentioned on my first post, but havent yet cause basically I must get a job first, the meds along the sessions are quite more expensive than with my "current" Psychologist. I just think that I've spend/lost many months and yet havent seen true results.

Unfortunatelly my mom still does not like the idea of me taking medication, so I will have to pay for it myself... she also does not believe I have made enough efforts to overcome my issues in every aspect of my life, and that I am not applying myself and says I just give excuses to not live my life, LOL, like I actually want to be miserable like this, I just dont get that, specially cause she of all people is the one that understands and helps me the most.

My brother (older than me) does not believe in ADHD so he just feels sorry for me and thinks I am quirky with social issues. :scratch: We do get along well but ADHD is something I simply cannot talk to him about, he refuses to understand it, or me.

thanks for your reply.

04-24-12, 08:59 AM
Guilt and snakeoil? How did you get so lucky??? Run, RUN from the crazy lady!

04-24-12, 12:05 PM
This woman may say she believes in ADHD. And she may say her therapies have been effective. Problem is she is overestimatinv big time. People see what they want to see.

She clearly knows nothing about adhd, you can't talk a person into newbrain architecture, and you can't cure an incurable brain disorder. This woman has something to sell, but she should be charged criminally for practicing medicine without an education. This is so annoying and really ****** me off.

There are really good resources on here that I can't link to right now but I will try to later.

Your mom is so wrong and unfortunately in denial. You need to get better educated about adhd. Is there some reason you have to askmom to go to the doctor?

04-24-12, 12:18 PM
Meds to treat ADHD may not have to be taken for the rest of your life.

Sometimes they give a person the ability to learn coping techniques that can change their lives.
Sometimes not.

We tried Bach's Flower Remedies for my youngest granddaughter, and while they did seem to
help a little, it wasn't enough.

Doctors used to think that mental disorders were psychologically based, but now it's accepted that there are
other issues, physical issues like an imbalance in brain chemicals or underdeveloped areas of the brain.
Studies show that when started early, stimulant med therapy can actually promote brain growth.

Some people (like me) find that Omega 3 supplements from fish oil are very helpful.
There have been studies done that support this theory.

But most studies show that the most effective treatment for ADHD is stimulant meds.

04-25-12, 06:17 AM
Guilt and snakeoil? How did you get so lucky??? Run, RUN from the crazy lady!

I know, right? LOL :giggle:

This woman may say she believes in ADHD. And she may say her...
mmm... is not like I have to "ask" my mom to go to the doctor, but she is the one paying for it at the moment because I am currently unemployed, just graduated from university, have a loan to pay, and living at home. I also believe my mom is still a bit in denial about my ADHD, I wont argue that LOL, she does encourage me to excercise, eat healthy and live life, but she also gets frustrated with me I guess. It was all the negative side effects that some people present with the meds (and the fact that some could be lifelong) that scared her, I actually said to her that I was willing to take that "small" risk if that meant I could get better.

I am educated in ADHD, believe me, from the moment that I knew and "self-diagnosed" I have read so much about it that my mind became exhausted, that is how I first got in contact with a Psyquiatrist so that I could have an official diagnosis, which I did... but like I said, someone recomended the psycologist in question to my mom, so I decided to give it a go before trying the meds.

I do appreciate your concern about ADHD education. Understand that there is so many info about natural and conventional treatments for ADHD, both positive and negative in each case, that I think that trying some of them does not mean I dont know my ADHD, I simply decided to try the natural before the conventional. Unfortunatelly they did not worked for me, so I will now try the meds; and I do know that even the meds could be a trial and error journey, hopefully Concerta will do it for me from the start... thats the one I was first prescribed but never tried.

I would love to read the resources you mentioned before, hopefully I will learn something more ;) thanks

Meds to treat ADHD may not have to be taken....

Yes the same happened to me with Bach flowers, they kind of worked, but not quiet enough, they calmed me a little bit thoug. Some people say that they act as a placebo but the fact that also vets apply it on pets caught my attention. Maybe it does work for some people, just not me.

I have also been taking Omega 3 for the past 6 months, along with Ginko Biloba and Ginseng.. they do help me a bit, my memory and focus got better with them, but they are still not enough. I do notice same ADHD traits when I stop taking the supplements for a couple of days.

It would be interesting to hear from other people if Bach Flowers alone actually worked for them. :scratch:

Anyway thank you for your reply