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03-24-12, 08:35 AM
The anti depressant I'm taking has killed my appetite and it's feeding my eating disorder. I'm so relieved that for once in my life I actually don't have to fight the urge to eat and I'm desperate for it to last.

All I've eaten in the last day and a half is an apple yesterday afternoon. This is ridiculous. Apart from the long term effects, it's wrecking havoc with my concentration. But I'm so scared that if I eat something, my appetite will come back with a vengeance and I won't be able to stop. Or I'll stop losing weight. Or put it back on again.

I know this isn't a healthy or a long term way to lose weight. More importantly, my ability to concentrate and focus right now should be the first priority. I need to work. That's more important than anything else. More important than losing a few kilos, which are anyway going to come back on again. Why won't I just listen to me???? :doh:

03-24-12, 09:40 AM
Now might be a good time to take extra procautions with food, so you can take advantage of a decreases appetite. Like, completely empty your house of all of your normal foods and stock up on the uber-healthly stuff. Maybe have a friend help to. You HAVE to eat something otherwise you will get sick. Plus, your meds won't work as well.

03-24-12, 10:10 AM
Thanks, Blueranne :)

I did a bit of exercise so I wouldn't feel guilty about eating but couldn't do much because I started feeling ill.

Anyway, I've just had a bit of cereals and grapes. Still feeling ill (and full..uggh). It's definitely easier eating healthy food (or food that I perceive as healthy) like fruits.

I might go for a walk later and then try to eat again something.

I'm just annoyed with myself that this is still a problem. I really, really have better things to worry about than if a couple of grapes are going to make me fat or trigger a binge. :doh:

03-24-12, 10:56 AM
So is your eating disorder a binge and purge thing or is it mostly bingeing?

03-24-12, 12:19 PM
It cycles. I'm either fasting, starving myself, binge eating and purging or just binge eating. In the last few years it's mainly been dieting and binge eating with a few purging slip ups. These days when I do diet I try to concentrate on eating healthy and exercising more but the moderate phase never lasts long. I struggle doing anything in a moderate, sensible way. Especially, since it's not so much about losing weight but more about controlling my emotions.

03-24-12, 03:22 PM
Correct me if I'm wrong, but I understand many eating disorders revolve around OCD-ish types of thinking and behavior. If this is true for you, and like you've indicated, your antidepressant may help with the condition. At the same rate though, some meds can make OCD worse. Is the prescribing doc fully awar of your history with food?

03-27-12, 01:02 PM
I was anorexic binger when I was younger, got help (mostly therapy, also took paxil which i HATED), and I am now 100% better- what I eat doesn't control my life anymore. It was REALLY hard to do. You cannot let food consume your life and how you make your decisions. It's just food. I know, it's that simple and that complicated at the same time if you have an ED. I had to learn to stop feeling "scared" of certain foods, and when I did eat them (in any amount), not feel the "guilt." I gained some weight when I got better, then lost again because my metabolism even outed- the anorexic stuff ruined my metabolism!! I agree ^^ that it was definitely OCD like behavior. i was very particular about the precise nutritional profile of everything I ate.

Also, my psychiatrist wouldn't even let me get closeeee to my concerta- took me about 4-5 years before I was allowed to take meds for ADHD again, and I still have to do weigh ins when i see my doc. When I had my ED, i felt like i could never be normal again, but know what, i put in the effort and got help, and that day did come. it feels really good!

03-27-12, 04:54 PM
What medication are you on.

05-02-12, 11:35 PM
Hey there Fuzzy, did you know your body needs a minimum of 6 grams of protein each day for your antidepressant to work on you? Just an FYI, and good luck with everything!

05-03-12, 01:34 PM
Thanks Enbell, I didn't know the exact figure. :eek:

My anti depressants don't seem to be working as well as they did in the beginning though I am taking a higher dose now. Maybe that is why. :scratch:

I think, I might get 6 gr of proteins though. I try to have an egg on most days and then I have some beans in my salad for lunch and sometimes I have beans for dinner. I guess, lack of nutrition in general makes meds less effective and probably also increases the symptoms anyway.

05-04-12, 01:12 AM
Fuzzy, I'm with you at the moment. My ED has been out of control for the last few years, but the meds are making it worse (or better? guess it depends on if you ask me or my shrink lol)

Logically I know it's worse, but in my head I feel it's better coz I'm not hungry and not eating but then it makes my concetration worse from not eating and I'm so badly anemic again it's back to hospital soon for an iron infusion and *argh*. I hate eating disorders.

So, yeh. I feel your frustatrtion and angst :/

06-08-12, 09:27 AM
My girlfriend has had this problem for a few months now where she gets hungry, but when she starts eating, she apparently gets grossed out by the food or just feels sick and doesn't want to eat anymore. She often feels sick or uneasy after eating. She usually tries to force herself to eat. She will make dinner and it smells so good and she cant wait to eat it but as soon as she takes a bite... she doesn't want to eat anymore. I don't know what is going on. Is this just a mental thing. I think sometimes she even throws up after she eats. Maybe a little bit after. I'm a guy so I don't know anything about girls which is why I'm posting on here to try and get some help for her. If you need me to ask her anything I will just let me know. Also, I'm 99.9% sure she's not pregnant haha

Thank you for your help,

08-03-12, 05:17 PM
I had same problems with eating disorders. I looked for ways to decrease my appetite all the time so I wouldn't have to deal with the horrible feeling of hunger. I take Herbalife products now though, which would help you in your case too. You take two HEALTHY , DELICIOUS meal replacements (you mix the vanilla powder with soy milk) and it is under 100 calories, curves cravings and appetites, AND gives you ALL of the amazing nutrients to make your skin glow . It is the perfect healthy meal without feeling stuffed and fat, and without the calories. So it is a win win. :) I haven't had any problems with my anorexia because the shakes cover two meals a day if I want it to, and I don't have to worry and stress about calories or eating too much. I actually lost weight and my face is glowing so nobody knows my inner battles. . This is a method of getting physically healthy until you can get professional, psychological help with your disorder, because of course it is an inner battle and a voice that is always critisizing . But if you got the necessary nutrients without calories I promise you will feel better then just plain starving. Starving makes your face look gross and pale, and ruins your insides and teeth. MSG ME if you want me to help you get some of this stuff I have.