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10-30-04, 12:28 AM
I'm new to this site and I've already spent quite a bit of time here tonight. I'm just amazed at everything I'm reading.

Anyway, tell me what my son's odds are at having things easy. His father and his father's father are heavy drinkers. My son's dad also had enuresis (wet the bed) until he was 16. My grandmother wet the bed until she was 21. My son's dad is also dislexic. There is depression in the family as well. My brother was ADHD and he was an alcoholic and drug addict (I say WAS because he disappeared 10 years ago). My mother was recently diagnosed with diabetes. So, the odds are stacking up.

As it stands, my son has ADHD and wets the bed, and as he gets older things are getting tougher again. We put him in French Immersion just so he'd have more of a challenge. He was too smart for his own good and getting bored in English school. This strategy worked for the last few years but now we're having the opposite effect. The school work is much more challenging and his responsibilities are growing so he's taking the attitude that if he doesn't do it and hides it from everyone he can play his GameBoy day and night.

There's never a dull moment and never the same day twice.

08-31-05, 08:03 PM
I took the Highland's Test and found that I'm very kinesthetic- I learn by doing and by experiences that I've had. I scored extremely low in auditory and visual learning. I have ADHD and I get bored easily and get overwhelmed because I go from one thing to another and can't finish what I start. I lost my husband in a car crash two years ago and I am fifty-five years old. John helped me so much and it's very hard to start a new life with these problems. My councellor and the psychologist that gave me the Highland's want me to be tested for learning disabilities. I'm very impulsive and don't want to jump into a job or volunteer for something that I will regret. (I finished High School and two years of college, married with two children):) - but my whole life seems so hard or harder than what most people take for granted. I just wanted to share this and see if there is anybody else out there has any of these problems.

09-28-05, 11:44 AM
it would be cool if thre aws a magic pill reese. i had a real tough time with adhd (and betwetting to, by the way, til i was about 20) Lie aws tough and i ws bullied alot for being a "special ed retard" but like goes on and ya grow up and things seem to wrok out eventully.

11-17-05, 12:23 PM
Are you seeing the best experts in your area? (I know that my doctor was ridiculously hard to get in to see, but i managed, based on the advice of others who were "in the know." There is something to be said for talking to as many people as you can !!)

I can't see what city you are near, to recommend anything.


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04-16-06, 11:51 PM
Reese, the first step is understanding the problem. You are well on your way here.