View Full Version : Frustrated with Focalin xr!!

03-28-12, 12:53 PM
K. So, I should be working on my to do list or my job as an at home artist/mom, but since starting focalin, I have become obsessed with learning all I can about it and trying to find others with similar experiences. My luck has been minimal. Here are the issues I need feed back on: Does anyone else have this hyperfocus problem on it? I constantly need to be researching how, why it works, doesn't work, etc.

second, I am obviously still procrastinating.. writing lists and either starting late on them or not at all.. contributing to epic feelings of remorse and frustration and hopelessness.

third, things I used to love feel pointless now. I feel like an emotionless shell of my former self.

fourth, before I got treated, I could not afford meds so I tried adderall and vyvanse. Those meds did not rob me of my enjoyment in life and they certainly did not perpetuate all this procrastination and i was happy to go without when i had little to do. On those, I wanted to accomplish my chores etc, I enjoyed it, felt good about getting it done and even enjoyed blasting music while I did it. On Focalin, I don't want music, I get crabby about doing chores, bored with it, and even worse, can barely remember what i'm doing! I have to struggle to get clothes put away, forgetting what step of the process I'm on.

Lastly, the 4o mg xr wears off after like 2 hours! I wind up struggling to complete sentences or remember anything or stay awake. I feel listless, uninterested in anything and frustrated that what I hoped would help is not helping if not damaging my already stressful life. My psych seems to have selective hearing and keeps making me feel rushed out the door. When I tell her these things, she says that if one stimulant "causes anxiety" then they all will. I don't want to share my past self medication with her because from her p.o.v. i'd be a "drug seeker" but I know that other stims work much much better.. and I need references to a good site or something that can help me understand why the dexmethylphenidate is different for me than the other meds. Well, I really really do need to get going, now that I've shared this, I feel like I can move on more easily. I look forward to hearing from others that have reacted this way and what worked for them and I hope there is some explanation for my unusual response to this particular treatment. Thanks for your time,

03-28-12, 02:03 PM
For what it's worth I think I share alot of the same issues. I've been battling it for awhile and it comes and goes. I really don't know why the
h e l l this happens or starts happening. Sometimes , I will just do my stuff and I don't know what or for what reason I couldn't do it initially. I know that ritalin and focalin help my verbal skills and ability to read and write and coordinate thoughts very well. Maybe I need to change over to adderall because I think I do remember things better I guess I just don't notice the medication as much. Anyways, I'm sick of this happening. I have life to live. One thing, I can tell you that antidepressants seems to stop this from happening with focalin. I mean if I take low doses of cymbalta at night and then wake up and take focalin I don't seem to obsess about the issues surrounding tasks, yet by itself this comes and goes. I kind of think it's an adhd issue though. Procrastination and time of day seem to be big players.

04-21-12, 09:49 PM
I had similar issues with Adderall. If its hurting your life switch. Otherwise nothing wrong with learning.

04-29-12, 03:04 PM
OP: maybe you are taking too much? Try taking half a capsule. Also try to avoid caffeine and other stims. I've been a coffee guy for years (even while on adderall and desoxyn etc) but I decided to skip my morning coffee today and my focalin xr 20mg is working much better. I had similar symptoms you are describing, and I think it may be a strange form of anxiety/panic attack either induced by too high a dose or combining stims.

05-05-12, 12:02 AM
I have been on Focalin XR for 5 months.
1. Kicks in about 45 minutes after taking it.
2. for the duration including my afternoon booster I am alert, focused and quick thinking.
1. Dry mouth & increased sweating regardless of temperature has become a daily feature.
2. Focus has often become hyper focus. Sometimes a plus when I need to do research, but more often than not I focus on something unrelated and lose track of time.
3. First 3 months I didn't observe evening crashes. Recently, I am experiencing dizziness, fatigue, mood swings and sometimes nausea in the evenings.