View Full Version : Diagonsed with ADHD but?

03-28-12, 04:54 PM
I went to see the psychiatrist on Monday, all went well. She was really nice, she had asked a LOT of questions about my childhood and current life. At the end of the diagnostic process she told me that "You are very likely to have ADHD" and then I asked so what happens next? and she said "I'll have to speak to my colleagues to see IF medication is necessary"?

So what happens now? Did this same process happen to you guys?

Thanks :)

03-28-12, 08:12 PM
diagnosis ADD in adults is kinda hard so you should wait until she make sure about it

03-29-12, 03:18 AM
No, I was already on meds when I got officially diagnosed. My GP had prescribed them for me after I had told him that I thought I had ADHD. I guess I was lucky.

03-29-12, 03:38 AM
I had been meeting with a therapist for a couple of months and after a lengthy follow-up, she eventually concluded that I had ADHD. She informed me of a few treatment options, which included medication. I agreed to schedule an appointment with a psychiatrist within the same clinic and meet with her a few weeks later. During the appointment she reviewed my history alongside the therapist's notes, inquired about myself, educated me about my condition and possbile medications, wrote me a trial prescription to experiment with and rescheduled a follow-up appointment a month later. I've been regularly meeting with her ever since, mostly on-time. :)

04-02-12, 02:28 PM
meds are recommended from what my gp explained depending on your adhd, it is difficult with adults but i hope you get resolution soon