View Full Version : Looking into "coping counselling".... Thoughts?

03-29-12, 02:21 PM
I can't tell if I've overwhelmed DH or if I'm pushing forward and he's still slogging through being overwhelmed. Overwhelmed about what? He's stuck at the realization that I'll never "get over" having ADHD.

I have a few books, I have been reading all kinds of journal articles, I am trying to make a "plan of attack"... I have been hyper-focused on trying to find a way we can get through this alive... I am beginning to feel better in general and better about me on the current meds I am on... I'm hopeful.

Could my hyper-focus being freaking him out? (he's the NT, btw)

Has anyone ever HAD help from a head-shrinker for coping ideas that *wasn't* CBT? I'm not against it, per se, I just don't know what it is... lol. And I'm awful at behavioral modification. Ya know... that whole working memory problem? :eyebrow:

I am really trying not to do the normal freak out about "he doesn't want to make this work" or "he doesn't care about me" or "he wishes he wasn't married to me" or any of that... I do that a lot. I'm finding out it's an environmental response due to ADHD.

I desperately need outside thoughts. I am on the verge of a hyper-focus created booklet on stuff I've learned (which may be more appropriate than me jumping around when he gets home telling him what I've read :giggle:). I feel I'm not handling this right... I don't know how else to do this though...

And it's not JUST for DH, in case you were wondering why this is here and not in the relationship thread. I may send copies to my family... :scratch: ... Might as well ;)