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03-29-12, 03:01 PM (

I started it last year to as a way to help me get my thoughts out. It sounded like a good idea until I just didn't get around to making another post.
I "met" a woman online who is in a similar situation as me; didn't find out she had ADHD until getting help for her son. I could identify with a comment she posted on a blog I read. She and her son have a blog they write together. She sent me a little note after reading my blog and it inspired me to try to get back in action with my own. I think about it almost everyday and go blank when I pull it up.
Is it weird that I feel like I need to be more "organized" to post something? I feel like I don't have "facts" or don't have a topic researched enough. That's what has been holding me up all this time lol I want my posts to be worthy. Any feedback is appreciated for those who take time to check out my blog.

11-12-12, 08:54 PM
Commented and followed. Love the blog :)