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03-31-12, 02:59 PM
Hi guys my name is Nicolas(Nikos)...
I am 17 & 3/4 years old.
I serlf-diagnosed 2 years with ADHD and the next year doctors did.
I am ton concerta.
People said that I am a genius in mathematics(either my teachers cant easyly understand me).I used to see that in myself but after concerta I saw myself to find difficculties to solve problems etc.
Sometimes I feel so alone, I have plenty of friends but I always feel alone.
One serious problem that I had is that sometimes I cant control myself, I laghting etc(before and after concerta).Also I cant speak easily...I mean sometimes I speak normal everyone understands me,but most of the times I speak too fast and noones understands me.
I feel like gifted that I am with ADHD because of my mind,but i feel cursed with the others...