View Full Version : Please suggest a psychiatrist in Sydney

04-04-12, 09:02 AM
Hi guys,

I recently joined - can someone please suggest a psychiatrist in Sydney please?

04-13-12, 04:01 PM
Check your pm.

09-12-12, 10:02 PM

I am also looking for a psychiatrist that specialises in adult adhd in Sydney. I would appreciate any suggestions.

09-26-12, 04:39 AM
Hi, I'm also looking with some urgency. Please, please please can anyone give any suggestions for an understanding Psych who may have less than a 6 months waitlist. For personal reasons and simply for reasons of sanity I need some help soon.
Thanks in anticipation,
Oscar the smooch

02-05-13, 08:43 AM
omfg... 6months wait list....even with add this is pathetic..... no the physch's fault. They need to axe half of those antismoking ads and invest some wads in services for us.

Tried to see my local politician about this any they were like.... "oh yeah? what can we do about it"