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04-07-12, 08:44 AM
Hello everyone! :) I am new around here and not sure yet if I have ADD (I realised like a lightbulb switching on in my head the other night that I may have Inattentive ADD and am now researching and exploring it).

I'm a photography graduate and student of psychology, and I'd like to share my third year major project with you all that I did a couple of years ago. It was a huge experiment in self discovery for me... and only now after looking up all traits of ADD and sluggish cognitive tempo do I realise it may have links with all of this due to needing stimulative to feel alive! So I'm wondeing what other people will think...

This is the artist statement I originally wrote for it,

My work focuses on the ‘extremes’ I thrive on and put myself through in my personal life as well as in my creative life. I have found anything extreme makes me feel more connected to the world, more intense, more sexual, spiritual and more creative. These extremes can be as simple as turning the water in the shower to freezing cold and seeing how long I can stand it even when my instincts scream, to staying awake all night so that I get in a kind of creative strange head space... to sexual experimentation. I like anything that breaks my boundaries.

By exploring my extremes through the camera I hope to let others have a glimpse of a world they haven’t understood before, that of sexual experimentation and opening your mind and body up to new experiences.

My work is autobiographical as I am working through habits I’ve always taken for granted, odd private habits I want to explore so that a transformation can take place... “Transformation of turning an uneventful private, perhaps secretive event in one’s life into something with intimate significant that affects others when looked upon.”

I found myself exploring themes of escapism, restriction, freedom, transcendence, physicality, spirituality, releases, transformation and breaking my personal boundaries.

After starting this project I realised these extremes relate to ALL parts of my life... I diet in extremes, I drink in extremes - I'm very all or nothing.

Here are some links to some of the photographs and ideas I explored, there's commentary about extremes that I explore within each. A warning that these photos are NSFW.

Surround me as the rush comes... (

Inhale. Exhale. (

Playful... (

My Extremes Project Main Gallery. (

Any insight into whether this may be related to ADD would be so awesome, thanks everyone! <3

04-09-12, 04:50 PM
:pMy son is ADHD and is very expressive also. He says he dose not like taking his meds because they change who he is. As artist we need to weigh out the pros and cons to meds. I take meds to consentright .
You are very expressive and have a unique and indepth understanding of who you are. Be careful not to change that.
I love your work.

04-09-12, 04:56 PM
What a lovely comment, totally made my day, thanks so much!

I don't yet know if I have a form of ADHD or not - I've literally been thinking about it for the past few days when it dawned on me that I might and realised so much of it fits me. I think if I do get any formal diagnosis I would actually be pretty resistent to taking meds, yup.

04-09-12, 05:59 PM
very very nice. you havea wayof opening peoples eyes

04-09-12, 06:18 PM
Thank you so much =]

04-09-12, 06:31 PM
I can relate to turning the water cold in the shower, I wouldn't turn it from hot to cold fast but would gradually turn it colder and colder till I got it on the coldest setting.

Best of luck to you and your researching of ADHD.

04-11-12, 08:23 AM
I remember when I was little going on a center parks hoilday and jumping as fast as I could from the normal (fairly hot) pool to the freezinggggggg cold plunge pool :P

And thank you! =)

04-11-12, 09:08 AM
I remember when I was little going on a center parks hoilday and jumping as fast as I could from the normal (fairly hot) pool to the freezinggggggg cold plunge pool :P

And thank you! =)

I think this sensory seeking behaviour is a symptom of under responsive SPD.

04-11-12, 09:32 AM
I think this sensory seeking behaviour is a symptom of under responsive SPD.

That's really interesting, just googling it now. I find I contradict myself all the time... For instance,

They may feel bombarded by information, they may seek out intense sensory experiences

I have both of these. I feel bombarded by info in social situations and find it very hard to cope with, but I also seek out those experiences. Confusing!

04-11-12, 10:04 AM
Most people with ADHD have sensory issues of some description.

I look at a lot of these disorders and think I have them or parts of them. They all overlap a lot. Dyslexia, dyspraxia, SPD, CAPD, dysgraphia, dyscalculia, it gets very confusing. I don't even worry now since ADHD is the only diagnosis I have and no chance of getting tested or treated for anything else. Plus I don't want to turn into a hypochondriac.

04-11-12, 10:44 AM
I'm glad I'm not alone in this =) just reading through these forums for a few days, there are so many overlaps and traits of all kinds of things that seem to fit me. I should be seeing my GP in a few days so hopefully I'll have a few more answers!