View Full Version : carbs and adhd...the most ridiculous argument ever.

04-08-12, 12:54 PM
Anyone ever read that carbs and sugars aggrivate or even cause adhd symptoms? I know a lot of low carb advocates who claim this all the time and I thinks its just plain stupid. I actually have been on a low carb diet because I'm trying to cut some bodyfat for summer I gained bulking (weightlifter here) over winter. Cutting back carbs my focus got WORSE.

Anyone else heard this? Anyone have experience with this?

04-08-12, 01:54 PM
I don't think you can say that it doesn't cause ADHD- LIKE symptoms in people who don't really have ADHD, as it may in some people. But it doesn't cause ADHD.

ana futura
04-08-12, 03:36 PM
If you have ADHD as well as a gluten or other food allergy, then those foods can very well make your symptoms worse. Cutting them out altogether will not cure your ADHD- but it may slightly improve the severity of your symptoms. Nothing compared to medication, but every little bit helps in my opinion.

The same of course is true for anyone with food allergies, cutting those foods out will help their brain to function better.

Likewise, the ups and downs simple carbs cause can compromise everyone's ability to function optimally, not just ADD'ers. But you need complex carbs to function, everyone does. Those low carb diets are nonsense, they slow your digestion and can cause all sorts of problems if not done intelligently (like the lemmings following the atkins fad who decided beef and bacon should be the cornerstones of their diet)

Focus on the quality of your food- there is a huge difference between refined sugar and white flour, and brown rice, fresh fruits, and veggies.

04-08-12, 04:16 PM
Like Spunky said, I guess excessive sugar or other food can cause ADHD like symptoms especially if people have food allergies. For me, it works the other way round though. If I don't get enough carbs the first thing that gives up on me is my brain. I can't think at all on low carb diets but I guess it might differ from person to person.

04-08-12, 04:50 PM
I can say first hand when I was a child everything that had alot of suger in it was removed from my diet as well as anything with red food dye.. b4 that I would bounc off of the walls uncontrolable.. with out sugar my mother could at least cope w me and i could sit still long enough to study or do homework b4 bouncin again.. I did have to take breaks avery 20 or so mins to focus.. so sugar and carbs turn into sugar so I guess yes they do add to the symptoms ?? but w/o them the symptoms dont go away..

ana futura
04-08-12, 05:10 PM
I just read in this thread-
that your brain needs more sugar than normal on dexedrine.

I'd never heard that before, it's something that would be interesteing to research further.

04-08-12, 08:52 PM
The problem is that people don't understand that ADD is not about the behavior. A kid who's having a food reaction and a kid who's buzzed on sugar and a kid who has ADD may all be bouncing around the room being hyper and disruptive, but what's going on inside their heads is completely different. So these highs from things kids eat are not even ADD symptoms - they're symptoms that look a lot like ADD to an outside observer. Therefore, technically, none of these things actually cause ADD symptoms unless you think that ADD has only one and you know it when you see it.