View Full Version : Essays About Bullying Opportunity - for Teens ages 14-19

04-08-12, 08:25 PM
Please share with teens, ages 14-19, who enjoy writing, or would like to give it a shot, and may be interested in submitting an essay about bullying and/or how to address it. Deadline is April 30th. It's from a New York Times opinion page columnist.

I'm imagining the possibilities of an essay addressing how teens with disabilities are often being bullied by the system itself more so than by individuals. Hmmm.....

But, since I'm just slightly over the age of 19, :giggle:, I don't qualify. (we need a pinocchio

So I thought I'd throw it out there to let folks know about it and see if it sparks any interest. We can be your peer review committee if you want one. :cool:

As far as prizes:

Thereís no real prize, except immortal glory: Iíll publish excerpts from the best essays in my column or blog. Some winners will also be published on the Learning Network site and in Teen Ink. To apply, go to (

04-11-12, 04:42 PM
I'm bumping this up because I feel there are many awesome young minds amongst us that may not have had a chance to see this. :)